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  1. Shae-leigh

    Insufficient ORC numbers

    I know some evolving building... Witches Hut I think. If you got it at a lower level you would have to upgrade it.
  2. Shae-leigh

    Let's share some jokes!

    Was gonna tell a joke about nachos... but it was too cheesy.
  3. Shae-leigh

    Autumn Zodiac Event

    I am not a big fan of the "chance" approach to prizes. They lost me a long time ago there. I don't usually even look at the daily prizes, just the "cost" of the spin. Too many times there was something I really wanted and after spinning over 800 event currency and not getting it, I stopped...
  4. Shae-leigh

    Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    I am curious...which is better? The storm or the aureate? Does anyone have both that can compare them?
  5. Shae-leigh

    New Active seeking strong guild

    I realize you will have already found a home by now, but Spiera Kallipygos is accepting spire motivated players. :)
  6. Shae-leigh

    Question Fellowship research

    Thanks @Herodite and @Pauly7
  7. Shae-leigh

    Question Fellowship research

    Yeah, that's exactly what it did. There was not chat tab, and underneath the trophy score, there was the envelope for messages and one for news. So, I searched her up and invited her. The fellowship icon appeared then but was greyed out so she couldn't open it. I actually don't mind the...
  8. Shae-leigh

    Question Fellowship research

    Okay strange that it was only 1 out of 6 brand new cities. Thanks for the info!
  9. Shae-leigh

    Question Fellowship research

    It's in EN Arendyl.
  10. Shae-leigh

    Question Aplication For This Game

    Or if you mean app from the app store, yes.
  11. Shae-leigh

    Question Aplication For This Game

    Not sure what you mean, but there is no application, no. You have to sign up, just a username and password.
  12. Shae-leigh

    Question Fellowship research

    It's a bit dark, sorry. We started a new fs this week, and 5 baby fellows from another world started a new city, but today 1 has to research fellowships. I didn't notice that in release notes
  13. Shae-leigh

    Question Fellowship research

    Did I miss something? When did they add fellowships as a research category in chapter 2?
  14. Shae-leigh

    Question Wonder Society Spreadsheets

    ohh, will definitely do that. :) Thanks!
  15. Shae-leigh

    Question Wonder Society Spreadsheets

    We are attempting to use the Spreadsheets provided at Elvengems for the Wonder Society. I am wondering if there is anyone who is currently using those as well, as I have a couple of questions. :)
  16. Shae-leigh

    Discussion Safety First

    Well, we did have a creepy perv in one FS that was there to "pick up chick's". Very uncomfortable for most of us, and the female players usually stopped talking when he showed up.
  17. Shae-leigh

    Moving a City

    Goodness, my whole map in arendyll is bei g moved out. I am up to 63 gold pits, and it grows every Monday. Even big active cities are being swept away. Took 2 years to get a good, active map there where the trader was moving, so they better move me too!
  18. Shae-leigh


    Me and crackie have been comparing servers for awhile now. Funniest to us is how the international servers censor language and the US ones don't. It was a lot of fun testing that out. But, I am sad that you felt you had enough here. I haven't spent that much time in this forum, but I have seen...
  19. Shae-leigh


    We'll see you across the pond (fantastic2676 there )
  20. Shae-leigh

    Open Sentient goods not showing amount of increase for upgrade

    @Dicke01 This is true, and I am still playing. The reason I noticed is I wanted to see what the increase would be if I upgraded my sentient goods and if that was the best way to spend my population at the moment. As Blueblou mentioned, it never used to be like this so I assume it is an easy fix.