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  1. Zaapps

    Relic boost info in Magic Academy while crafting Relics.

    Hi Elvenar Team, Would it be possible to add an info regarding relic boost in the Magic Academy when you point a relic that can be crafted. If the item that is to be crafted is a building then you show a very detailed info on the building but if its a relic then a popup info is shown which...
  2. Zaapps

    Option to cancel Scouting

    Hi Elvenar Team, Would it be possible to provide an option to cancel scouting too. Currently there is option only use Diamonds or Speed/Time spells once a scouting begins but an option to cancel would be nice too. - Like if I change my mind and want to scout another province instead. - It...
  3. Zaapps

    Answered Air Traders set

    Hi Elvenars mates, I just tried adding in all the Air Traders Quest building sets to my world. In two of the buildings the last benefit does not show as active. Could you help me out here please? This is the complete set that I have placed. But the Food stand benefit shows like this. The...
  4. Zaapps

    Closed | Archived Issue with Culture Bonus

    Hi, I have started seeing this issue recently maybe since about 2 or 3 days back. This occurs on PC desktop browser window and I am using chrome browser. After a neighbor help has been received for a Culture building the visual display on the top bar does not get updated i.e the cloud and sunny...
  5. Zaapps

    Navigating around city with arrow keys

    Hi, Would it be possible to navigate around ones own city or around neighbor's or other player's city with the keyboard arrows keys like how the world map can be navigated with the arrows keys? This would make many thing simple and also avoid issues like accidentally or unintentionally clicking...