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  1. alsael

    Open Tourney bug?

    I believe this is a bug?I finish(cater) this tourney province,but it shows as "open".This happens not all the time but sometimes
  2. alsael


    If I see another "produce x amount of goods" quest,I will go on strike:)
  3. alsael

    Open server error

    Just getting this on pc version
  4. alsael

    Event buildings

    A lot of event buildings gives goods as a bonus production.Why not make them more flexible by giving us the option to decide which good we want the building to produce?
  5. alsael

    Phoenix buldings

    Are the 3 old phoenix base buildings still craftable?Because I want to craft the storm one and I have been waiting for ever...(I checked my inventory,not there)
  6. alsael

    Fs stronghold

    This is an old idea of mine,which I post again for consideration.It is time for every fs to have it's own stronghold.A place where technologies can be further expanded,giving bonuses to all members.Alll members can contribute kps to research stronghold tech.There are so many things you can add...
  7. alsael

    Answered Is this correct?

    I see this on the upgrade tab-only culture upgrade.Is this correct?
  8. alsael

    New AW

    Now with the release of the military production buildings,a good idea for a future chapter wonder would be a % reduction to the supplies needed for training troops
  9. alsael

    Buildings in Academy

    Hey guys,do you know which buildings(besides phoenixes are craftable in academy?
  10. alsael

    Open all 3 buildings

    If you are going to make us lose tons of squads every week with the new system in tournies,especially those of us who auto-battle,at least open the training slots for all 3 military buildings to do individual training at the same time. That will be a motive to build all three,and also battle in...
  11. alsael

    About Roads

    I'm always using dirty roads.The only benefit you have for having better roads is additional culture.And in order this culture to make a difference,you have to built lots of roads,spending too many rss.But what if you have an additional motive to built better roads? Like,an improved road giving...
  12. alsael

    FA membership check list

    If you belong to an active fs who plays FA,you know its a pain to check who has placed a badge,and who hasn't. So,why don't we have an automated check members list when we have an FA,and when a member place a badge,then his name will be lit or checked.That way the AM(and everyone else) will know...
  13. alsael

    Take them off!

    I need to say this(again).PLEASE,take the portal profits off of the big bosses in spire!It is so frustrating to climb a whole map,defeating the final boss,and win a freaking pp?put them in a mini boss or something.... :(
  14. alsael

    Magic chest set

    I'm in elvenar chapter.I decided to build the chest set.I have every piece but one.I'm waiting ....forever for it to appear in MA(I do not have it in inventory,checked).Who I have to bribe to finally have it? o_O
  15. alsael

    FS stronghold

    Every FS should have it's own stronghold.It will be a building which will cost significant rss to be build,but every fs member can contribute to it's building process(like a completion of an FA badge).Once it is build,it will yield rewards every 48h for every fs member.It can have levels,like a...
  16. alsael

    New Wonder

    This is an idea for end game players,but it will help other players also,not to mention will help in event quests: an ancient wonder with % reduction in scouting
  17. alsael

    Idle buildings

    As your city grows,it is getting harder and harder to monitor which building is left idle.So,why not make a section at the buildings menu with all the buildings you own and their activity,so you can see at a glance which of your buildings are idle,and how many of each type you own :)
  18. alsael

    Post yours!

    93 marble factories in my elven city for the event(if there were steel,not even half of them:rolleyes:)
  19. alsael

    coin+supplies instants

    You want to make coin+supplies instants more attractive and useful to be crafted?why not lower the costs of goods for cater in tourneys(too expensive at late chapters imho),and add some coins and/or supplies costs. Yes,I know,another wishful thinking(like the AW for lowering goods costs for...
  20. alsael

    magic academy crafts

    I know I make too many suggestion posts,but when you have an idea,why not telling it?:) How about bringing back old event set buildings through crafting?For those of us who have missed them,or want to have a better version of them. You can make it a theme: for example,we can have the ability to...