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  1. The Musketeers Arising seeking two new fellows

    Hi there, The Musketeers Arising FS in Felyndral are seeking two new members. We are a no-rules FS, pride ourselves on that. But we do like a player to regularly do neighbourly help and to join in on the tournament weekly. Friendly bunch. Just lost two players who are having to deal...
  2. Upcoming FA

    Does anybody know when the next FA is starting please? Got people in my FS asking. Thanks PJ
  3. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    Ok, that's fair enough, but why should I get different amounts of scrolls for the same quest in different cities? That doesn't make sense.
  4. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    So I have just done quest 71 out of 74. And I just noticed that I got 65 scrolls for it on two of my cities, but only 63 scrolls for it in Arendyll. Elven Gems of Knowledge site says that I should get 70 scrolls for it. So why am I getting less for it and different amounts in different...
  5. Answered Sorcerors and Dragons chapter

    Oh !!!! Can't remember now, cos I've declined it. But if it said "gain", then you don't need 1000 capacity space? I must read things properly. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Answered Sorcerors and Dragons chapter

    Help! Not sure what I am missing here. I have a quest to get 1000 arcane necromancers, 1000 arcane alchemists, etc. In the sorcerers and dragons chapter. But my campus only has 750 capacity for each. I am already at level 4 for the campus and I can't upgrade it any further. So how am I...
  7. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    Thank you Herodite. :)
  8. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    Ah so might be better if it said "event STARTS in 72 hours" then. Was hopeful that might be the case. :)
  9. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    I've had something appear in my game for it, says there are 71.56 hours left on the event? Has a padlock though, so can't do anything with it? Have I missed something??
  10. The Lost City Players seeks new member

    Hi all, We are currently recruiting for a member whose boosted goods are marble and silk. An active player required who visits most days of the week as we all play more or less on a daily basis. We regularly achieve 10 chests in the Tournaments. We regularly play the spire also. Very...
  11. Question Event progress

    Thank you very much indeed. :)
  12. Question Event progress

    Hi, Can someone tell me .... The current event ... if I change FS before it is over, do I lose my progress, or will the event still be there for me when I join a new FS? Thank you. PJ
  13. One player needed

    One space left in The Lost City Players. Require a player that is active and playing most days of the week. Super friendly FS! Come join us. PJ x
  14. Brand new FS - The Musketeers Arising

    Ok, so after a huge recruitment drive, we are now 16 strong. We got 7 chests on the tourney this last week with 15 playing. We're not doing so badly, and we're still not imposing any rules other than the drama bit. We are, however, really keen to get a couple more players in with steel and/or...
  15. Brand new FS - The Musketeers Arising

    Hey, if you are looking for a new fellowship to join ... The Musketeers Arising is a brand new fellowship. Named as so because we are "One for all, and all for one". Started by an Archmage who wanted to start anew. Joined by me! We want to build a team that plays as part of a team when...
  16. Next FA

    Fantastic news! Thank you for letting me know, Julian. You are a superstar! :)
  17. Next FA

    Thank you. I'm new to the Forum so just let me know if I do something wrong. :) I'm a fast learner!
  18. Seaborn

    Hi to anyone looking for a new FS. Seaborn is a nice easy going FS. We go a 10 chest tourney once or twice per month, depends how we feel. And we do a team spire once every other month. We're pretty relaxed. Just want an active player that plays most days of the week and does the usual...
  19. Next FA

    Information on the FA badges, etc, has disappeared from elvengems. When can we expect it to be posted there again? And do we know when the next FA is going to start, next week or week after? Thanks.