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  1. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    No more ignoring people in chat.:mad::p Can you set your status to offline?
  2. Quests

    Kinda miss the days of produce x toolboxes, x giant globes. they were more challenging if you were'nt an FA city.
  3. Version 1.137

    Maybe a button to stop outsiders donating KP to wonders?!;):p:cool:
  4. Magic Academy Battle Recipes

    Maybe its time to add another crafting slot or 2 to make up for all the extra stuff that has been thrown in?! Or maybe get rid of the supply windfalls and coin rains as they are plentiful during events.
  5. Question Chapter 15, The Elvenar

    It is there in the guest race guides down the bottom under constructs. The Elvenar (preview).. at least it is in my browser. :cool:
  6. Discussion Beta News from our Test server

    Looks like news from Beta to me. The title on the screenshot states Elvenar News;)
  7. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    Maybe get the App person to jump over to the PC desk, as they seem to know what they're doing?!:p;)
  8. Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Orcs have now permeated this thread with their unholy stench, and smeared team spirit with dung.:D and rightly so...
  9. Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    come on, Orcs are not smart enough to have a dictionary:p
  10. Question No Free Birthday Unicorn this year?

    Well thats a shame, hope this game makes it to 10 years ;) or i do... :p
  11. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    Mix a green toad with an eye of newt and a pinch of rock salt in a cauldron and you shall reveal the answer...if not you get a tasty soup:p
  12. Question No Free Birthday Unicorn this year?

    @Silmaril @anonglitch @Solanix @Herodite Why not?
  13. Changing boosted goods for diamonds

    Well if thats the case, thats highly improbable because your boosts are determined by the map. You would be better off starting a new city and hope you dont get scrolls. And if you wanted to pay diamonds to be able to move your city, all boosted goods could possibly be changed as determined by...
  14. Changing boosted goods for diamonds

    Unless they implemented a ludicrous trade of 1 million scrolls for 1 diamond;) and judging by Inno's infamous trade rates that would be about fair..:D
  15. Army power

    Fed them Spinach :p :D
  16. Happy 6th Birthday Elvenar - Our Birthday Competitions!!!

    Can we get a dislike button please?:p
  17. Happy 6th Birthday Elvenar - Our Birthday Competitions!!!

    Judging by most responses so far it is a great pity you have included social media.
  18. Happy 6th Birthday Elvenar - Our Birthday Competitions!!!

    Suppose we can already figure out where the next tasks answers will be... facebook instagram youtube:p
  19. Happy 6th Birthday Elvenar - Our Birthday Competitions!!!

    @Silmaril "characters that we have in Elvenar!" Below is a picture of our very own Chat Bot, who resides on one of our Social Media channels how is a chat bot an elvenar character? i agree with previous posts about social media...no thanks. Give us an actual Elvenar Game based Competiton :mad: