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  1. Laurelin

    ARGH Stop It, Fighty Bear...!!

    Well, I have five minutes to spare while my 8476699th set of Dwarven Brewery Badges is, er, brewing? I suppose - so here's a rhetorical question: How on EARTH do all you full-on Tourney and Spire combateers with 1(+) fully-levelled Brown Bear actually cope? Mine is only Level 6, and look what...
  2. Laurelin

    Answered Should Map Provinces always reduce in Difficulty with each Squad Size Research?

    Greetings, O Wise and Helpful Ones ^_^ I'm currently in mid-Dwarves with my second City, having levelled-up my first City to the end of Orcs & Goblins (and with my present and previous Cities being virtually identical in all respects, other than my current and pretty annoying lack of a fully...
  3. Laurelin

    Arendyll : Relaxed FS 'Forest' Welcomes Both New & Growing Cities!

    Arendyll-based Forest (EN1) invites players with new or expanding cities (minimum Chapter II, please) to join our established and welcoming Fellowship. We are also happy to consider Fellowship Merges with groups of players whose existing Fellowships have become inactive. All applications are...
  4. Laurelin

    Arendyll : Friendly FS 'Forest' Welcomes Earlier Chapter Cities!

    Arendyll-based Forest invites players with cities approaching or within the first Guest Race Chapters to join our established and welcoming Fellowship. We are also happy to consider groups of players who would like to move together from existing Fellowships which have become inactive (i.e...
  5. Laurelin

    Low-Stress Arendyll FS 'Forest' Seeks Regular Players

    Arendyll-based (EN1) Fellowship 'Forest' is looking for a few new Members to join our diverse, friendly, and welcoming team. We are a relaxed and low-pressure but supportive, engaged, and steadily growing Fellowship with Members worldwide, ranging from Chapters I to VI (Dwarven Era), with the...