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  1. kurgkurg

    Better Armories with "start all production at once"

    yes Yes you're right, of course Armories :)
  2. kurgkurg

    Better Armories with "start all production at once"

    Please add that "start all production at once" possibility also to barracks orc producing. I always miss that if I need to click one by one all my 8-14 barracks (in different cities)
  3. kurgkurg

    Elvarian Games Event

    for a very long time (I don't even know, maybe from the beginning) there have been daily quests for every day of the event one. If you've done all the running tasks with no waiting time and all the tasks of the preceding days, you've got 1 task every day, and that's what it's designed to do...
  4. kurgkurg

    Question Research Night Essence requirement exceeds level 4 portal storage

    can it be, its your stock 208, not max capacity
  5. kurgkurg

    Camping on Elementals chapter

    For me Mercenary units are best, nothing to compare with others and Cerberus is not so good. Blossoms even in my small cities, with 1 star, are the most used units for me and this is better than priests also for humans. And later all those other mercenary units are all the best in their own way...
  6. kurgkurg

    Question Wonder society spreadsheet

    i like it because it is very convenient to use, you don't need to count and split your kp, you donate less or more when you want and how much you want, you don't need to send messages and worry only need to mark your next favorite Aw with heart and if you donate itself to other targets, then...
  7. kurgkurg

    Question Wonder society spreadsheet

    yes there is one or more persons, who run macros, it takes 5 min to record all fs donations and give new targets and all this is pure math, nothing suspicious :) and all can see, what is done and why :)
  8. kurgkurg

    Question Wonder society spreadsheet

    I like WS and never want to use anything less convenient anymore. I use an automated version of spreadsheet, not much work, and computer doesn't do mistakes. Facebook group "Wonder Society Automated System Group" can help and there are all descriptions, files, and documentation for that.
  9. kurgkurg

    AW Progress

    I miss it too, would be helpful, if I want to decide, which Aw to fill next, much more overlooking than this what we have for my own Aw-s at moment
  10. kurgkurg

    Scrolls surplus and Moonstone Libraries

    it's not wasted space, to me its one of more valuable spaces in my city, and I have over 10 sets in some city :) but otherwise, I don't have had a space problem, maybe at the beginning, if I was young and couldn't do good choices
  11. kurgkurg

    I'm stuck!

    I never understand point of status, you are good or you seem good, thats the choice
  12. kurgkurg

    Question Scrolls as T2 boost

    in one of my scroll-boosted tiny city, I don't have any scroll manus, only moonstone libraries, and more t1. I don't even feel it's hard to handle and no need to start again. btw I don't have also t3 manus, because in this spot mana plants and gum trees give me enough t3. cross-tier trades work...
  13. kurgkurg

    Question Wonder Society Spreadsheets

    maybe to use a new automated version, search for Facebook group wondersocietyautomatedsystem much easier to handle :)
  14. kurgkurg

    Tourney Bandits Recruiting!

    Tourney Bandits are looking for active gamers! If you are an eager tourney player, it may be the best place for you to play your game. We have 2 vacancies at the moment. We achieve mostly 19 chests in tournaments; that’s 225kp, 1 blueprint and 9 RR spells among other rewards every week. We also...
  15. kurgkurg

    Tourney Bandits Recruiting!

    still actualy: we don't talk much, but we win. We are Bandits. Want you to join us?
  16. kurgkurg

    Very new player

    You may look "Just for the prizes". My little alt is happy there ;)
  17. kurgkurg

    Question Clubs in Elvenar

  18. kurgkurg

    Spire like individual achievements in the tournament for chests

    I like what Timneh says about fs, and I want to add, I would encourage people to swap fs who don't fit with their current fs. Although it may not even succeed one at a time, not every fs overview points enough out the side of how fs are dealing with the game. But surely there are fs here with a...
  19. kurgkurg

    Tourney Bandits Recruiting!

    if you like to play tournaments and you know Spire is your best friend to do that; If you like to get all possible rewards from your achievement; if you like to play your own game and also get joy from top results: We achieve 19 chests in tournaments; that’s 225kp, 1 blueprint and 9 RR spells...
  20. kurgkurg

    New Year-2021

    Happy new year! i hope not all old players will be quit this game and some new good players come in