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  1. sail0r

    Question Will there be an FA after Queen Fairy's Garden event?

    I am between chapters and need to know if there will be an FA so that I reserve space for it or go on with the settlement. I heard that there was no FA on beta. can somebody from Inno please reply? I really miss a game calendar of some sort so that I could plan things.
  2. sail0r

    Open Cannot place EE spell on Watchful Winter Owl

    As compared to all the other event buildings you cannot place an EE spell on the owl. I guess it's a new building and the devs forgot to place in the "EE-possible" buildings. Nothing urgent.
  3. sail0r

    Sentient goods not balanced?

    I entered Elementals a few days ago and upgraded my trader to level 3 to be able to trade sentient goods. My sentient good is Elven Tree Gum. When I tried to trade Tree Gum I noticed the following: People that are offering Tree Gum: 52 pages People that are offering Moonstone: 2 pages...
  4. sail0r

    Answered Starting line-up of troops in wave 2 of fight

    I have noticed that the line-up of the troops in the 2nd wave of a fight in Spire is not the same as the line-up I defined in wave 1. I think that the line-up in wave 2 is according to initiative, the unit with the highest initiative being in the center and the lowest ones at the flanks. Can...
  5. sail0r

    Change 24-hour duration to 23

    24-hour duration (and 12-hour duration as well) for buildings where you must collect something results in the collection moving further and further in time. If you start collecting something (e.g. Genie) at 9 a.m. next day it's maybe at 9.30 a.m because you couldn't do it at 9, next day it's 10...
  6. sail0r

    Communication I miss Game Announcements

    I think it would help if you could announce Events and Fellowship Adventures with Date and time. It is a bit frustrating to have to guess when something is going to start...