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  1. Pauly7

    Question Sold Phoenix by mistake

    I guess this doesn't affect most people, but I've been annoyed with myself for accidentally deleting a piece of road that I can't rebuild because I no longer have those guest race resources.
  2. Pauly7

    Question Sold Phoenix by mistake

    The problem with that is that if you're sitting there deleting 250 workshops you're on auto-pilot clicking OK to the confirmation dialogue, so by that point it might as well not be there.
  3. Pauly7

    New to Forums

    Welcome to the forum @GracefulPam !
  4. Pauly7

    Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    As @Gargon667 says, marble and steel are the two that are the most cut and dried, but there are usually options. Marble faces HM troops predominantly so it's a good idea to load up on MMM buildings and use Blossom Mages. For a bit of additional security there wouldn't be anything wrong with...
  5. Pauly7

    Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    Why would you always use one of each? It's better to choose them strategically. For example, in the steel tournament you should use ELR, but no others. In answer to your question it's probably about luck. I've never found more MMMs than ELRs. I always seem to find myself with less UUUs than the...
  6. Pauly7

    Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    I'm doing some maths now, as this is the best point that I have some (reasonably accurate) data: Last Thursday morning I had 58 pet foods This Wednesday evening I have 48 pet foods During the week I used 43 pet foods During the week I saw (a slight estimate) 140 crafting rotations So in this...
  7. Pauly7

    Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    How often do you feed the brown bear? In my experience (and without having made detailed notes) I can expect to craft about 5 pet foods a week. I think CrazyWiz's stats say that it should be more than that, but it makes a massive difference if you're not seeing absolutely every single crafting...
  8. Pauly7

    Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    This is a good point, but to play devil's advocate - I could argue that goods production is also partially based on the same RNG. Pet food increases the attack potency of combat orientated players, by enabling them to feed their Fire Phoenix or Brown Bear. Pet food also increases goods output by...
  9. Pauly7

    Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    I haven't followed the whole of this discussion, but just to say - As someone who has flipped the MA recipes 120 times in the last week, I seem to have collected fairly expected amounts of everything. I haven't made notes, but there isn't anything that has been lacking.
  10. Pauly7

    Swap Evolving artifacts

    It would be nice, but I wouldn't hold your breath. I now have over 20 Gingerbread artefacts gathering dust. For me, there aren't any artefacts that I do need, but I have the feeling they won't want people to be able to instantly build and evolve old Phoenixes by not building the current evolving...
  11. Pauly7

    New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    Nice. Two out of the top four. I'll take that. :D
  12. Pauly7

    Question Permanently remove Ancient Wonders

    They're sometimes useful to have around. When you need more broken shards, build one, destroy it, then you can start filling the rune wheel again.
  13. Pauly7

    Open August FA, bracelet badge not counting correctly

    We went down. We're back. Can we assume the problem is patched now?
  14. Pauly7

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures - May Contain Beta Spoilers!!!

    Why must they always hide important messages like this one behind junk messages?
  15. Pauly7

    Question Trading ratios?

    The ratio for a 2 star trade is 1:1.5, trading from T3-T2 or T2-T1. So trading 4 gems, you would offer 6 crystal.
  16. Pauly7

    Phoenix Evolution?

    We had the bear artefacts before the Gingerbread ones.
  17. Pauly7

    Hi. Brand New Player 8.8.21

    Welcome to Elvenar @PrincessCathy2Earth !
  18. Pauly7

    Knight of Hammer is recruiting

    Hi everyone, We currently have one spare space in Knights of Hammer on Arendyll for an active player. We are a top 20 fellowship, usually opening 13-15 chests each week in the tournaments. The bigger focus right now is the Spire. We are winning gold medals at least once every 4 weeks and are...
  19. Pauly7

    Question Which Browser is best to use

    Like @Alcaro I think Chrome is best, but I also get that error randomly too, for no reason. Usually just refreshing the browser fixes it. Sometimes I have to hit refresh two or three times though.
  20. Pauly7

    Upgrading buildings - extra size info ?

    This is a linked point - It's great that on the mobile app you can browse through all the upcoming levels of an AW, but strange that they have not ported that idea across to the browser version. It would be good to see that kind of information for regular building upgrades too. I guess that's...