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  1. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    You might not represent a majority, silent or not, or a minority, vocal or not, of other players. A number of players who climb the Spire weekly find they have more Spell Fragments than they can get rid of. I'm sitting on over 200k personally. A number of players who participate in Events find...
  2. Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    I'm not sure what you saw. The original Crafting had all recipes in one pool, so you could end up with all five at once showing Relic recipes, or any other set-of-five. This was changed a while ago to separate them into five separate, independent pools. While some people appear to have had...
  3. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    For those who can't make out the, what, 4 pixel detail in that graphic, I assume this is referring to the little smudge at the lower right corner of the player portrait...
  4. Other Spire Of Eternity - Suggestion

    I believe the 1-week appearance was a bug, so was not intentional, and does not reflect any likelihood that it will be repeated
  5. Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    I think it was @CrazyWizard who ran the equivalent of 10 weeks of crafting forced with diamonds, and he saw about 25% out of 280 rounds. He has a table in a post somewhere on here with his data. If I recollect, he did provided data on slot 5 only, so no building data.
  6. Ancient Wonders Tome of Secrets Revamp!

    My reply was not meant to be destructive. My point was that it might not be necessary to for it to be universally useful.
  7. Autumn Zodiac Event

    Well, I guess it depends on what you consider 'worth it'. Comparing Daily Prizes... (All numbers are based on my current chapter, XVI (Embassies), from looking at ElvenArchitect lists AZ2021 /sq EG2021 /sq Other /sq Population Calligraphy Class 666.67 Crab Hotel Deluxe 510.00 Magic...
  8. Ancient Wonders Tome of Secrets Revamp!

    Not all things are meant to be useful for all players in all chapters. If everything were useful, where would you keep it?
  9. Autumn Zodiac Event

    Not to be negative, and I like your idea in general, but I would be on the side of those who complain over a quest they could not complete because it is contingent on other players actions.
  10. Quests

    And I wasn't really saying that you should come up with a list with no repetition. Just that, when the rubber meets the road, you'll find that there will be some repeats.
  11. Quests

    Money, mouth. Propose a set of 75 quests, possible for every player, and see how far you get without 'repetition'.
  12. Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    No offense, but that answer makes no sense. They're going to place you in a city with the same boosts, which means the arrangement of all the provinces will be identical to your original location. They would not appear to be anything to prevent you from having your scouted outline transferred...
  13. Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    Reasking with the desire that feedback from above can be received... Where does this requirement for matching scouted Province Types come from? Is it a philosophical thing, or is there some actual coding thing that INNO thinks forces it? I mean, I can't see how this could be required, but then...
  14. Autumn Zodiac Event

    Well, good for you.
  15. Autumn Zodiac Event

    Daily prize today is Pet Food!!!
  16. Building upgrade suggestion

    It's Magic!
  17. Market improvement

    You hadn't mentioned you had tried the direct way first... Or, you can join an active, like-level or friendly Fellowship to get trade partners regardless of where you're located. Tell me you're an engineer without telling me you're an engineer... I almost always post T123 trades as a series...
  18. Market improvement

    Or, you could message some of your neighbors indicating your willingness to trade at lower levels and they might add lower trades as well, or that they will look for your trades...
  19. UNDO button

    Possibly not a suggestion you want to hear, but if you can clear a small space away from important buildings, you can move roads to the safer location before deleting the roads.
  20. Question Orcs, what are you doing?

    So Orcs spend all their time in the mud and muck for the same reason Twilight vampires live in perpetually overcast Washington? If we were to encounter a freshly washed Orc, would we discover that they smell of strawberries?