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  1. schadenfreude

    Spiera Kallipygos: Are you invested in becoming callipygian?

    Alright peoples. We're doing our first Gold push next week. We've got spot for 3 more Spire climbers. Anyone want to join our stairs workout, message me in game!
  2. schadenfreude

    Spiera Kallipygos: Are you invested in becoming callipygian?

    Real life happenings have claimed a few members and forced them to skip out on leg days. We've got a few openings for anyone asspiring to climb the Spire to the very top. We finished #16th in the Spire this week and are about 250pts away from Gold. We're now a 10th chest fellowship too! We do a...
  3. schadenfreude

    Scrolls surplus and Moonstone Libraries

    @Sir Derf Right. The 3 possible scroll combos are planks/scroll/dust, steel/scroll/dust, and steel/scroll/elixir. Steel make up 2 of the scroll combos. Dust is already affected by moonstone sets too, but not as terribly as scroll since gum trees/mana plants will stop giving dust if you keep...
  4. schadenfreude

    Scrolls surplus and Moonstone Libraries

    I can't wait to hear about the upcoming steel shortage issue too bc Inno keeps kicking the can down the line and players keep abandoning Scroll boosted cities when Steel is 2 of 3 possible Scroll boosted combos.
  5. schadenfreude

    Spiera Kallipygos: Are you invested in becoming callipygian?

    We've had a flurry of new recruits, but still got 3 spots left for any Spire climbers that like to workout their glutes in the finest SILK robes!
  6. schadenfreude

    Spiera Kallipygos: Are you invested in becoming callipygian?

    David had one, but Venus owned it. Queen sang an anthem about it. That's right, we're talking beautiful. shapely. buttocks. While David and Venus literally had rock-hard derrières carved from the finest marble of their day, Spiera Kallipygos forged their glutes of steel from climbing the 22 sets...
  7. schadenfreude

    Fairy Queen's Garden - Event

    Storyline is mischievous goblins digging up the Fairy Queen's garden so she turned them into that. And I'm not even making it up...
  8. schadenfreude

    Fairy Queen's Garden - Event

    Turned us all into Pavlov's dogs. Then when event is over, we're still scrolling around the perimeter for no reason when we first log into our cities.
  9. schadenfreude

    ARGH Stop It, Fighty Bear...!!

    Mine is only level 5 and I think that's good enough to feed to have an immediate effect on my troop levels to continue to next day's tourney :)
  10. schadenfreude

    FA badge surplus

    Well given how wonderful the actual FA prizes are, I'm going to guess surplus badge prizes will be along the lines of luminous signposts.
  11. schadenfreude

    Auto fight

    I wish they would implement quicker speed options than the existing 3 on manual fighting! Or even to change the existing 3 speeds to be even faster. The code is already there! I really don't need to spend a minute watching a treant walk two tiles. :mad:
  12. schadenfreude

    How does the Spire work for a FS ?

    I fight tourney and cater spire too, only bc my troop levels can't handle fighting both (yet). Spire squad sizes jump to higher numbers much faster than tourney so my troops stretch further staying out of spire for now. High Halls is still doable with logic/catering but Lab is a total crap shoot...
  13. schadenfreude

    What fresh hell is this???

    I look forward to the future quest "Disenchant 3 winter lampions"....
  14. schadenfreude

    HTML5 feedback

    yeah i saw they marked it as "not a bug". however, you can be lazier than that...instead of logging in/out, do a hard refresh on the tab. (ctrl+F5) or (ctrl + shift + R) in windows and (shift + click reload) or (⌘Cmd + shift + R) on macs. but ideally, the game shouldn't balloon to 2+ GB of RAM...
  15. schadenfreude

    HTML5 feedback

    It's a bit of a memory hog. Open your task bar and watch the RAM run off on its own while you idle in the game.