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  1. sail0r

    Question Will there be an FA after Queen Fairy's Garden event?

    It seems so as so far I got none. But I really don't understand it. Is the start of an FA or event the big secret of mankind and cannot be revealed until it is there?
  2. sail0r

    Question Will there be an FA after Queen Fairy's Garden event?

    I am between chapters and need to know if there will be an FA so that I reserve space for it or go on with the settlement. I heard that there was no FA on beta. can somebody from Inno please reply? I really miss a game calendar of some sort so that I could plan things.
  3. sail0r

    Open Event text missing

    After the daily reward was displayed and I clicked to collect everything works fine.
  4. sail0r

    Open Event text missing

    That's the least of the problems. The quest character tells me that all quests have been completed and when clicking on the event icon it says that the event is not currently running.
  5. sail0r

    Question World Map: Encounter Difficulty

    Hi Jude, I was in the same position as you were and solved it very easily. The problem is called overscouting. You have scouted too many provinces and so the next ones are difficult. If you check your research tree, the advanced scouts of the next chapter show you how many provinces that...
  6. sail0r

    Open Cannot place EE spell on Watchful Winter Owl

    Hm, now that you mentioned that I noticed that you cannot place an EE spell on the Fire Phoenix (that also requires pet food) as well. So you cannot place EE spells on event buildings that require pet food. I don't understand why (they could get pet food for the extra effect and EE for the extra...
  7. sail0r

    Open Cannot place EE spell on Watchful Winter Owl

    As compared to all the other event buildings you cannot place an EE spell on the owl. I guess it's a new building and the devs forgot to place in the "EE-possible" buildings. Nothing urgent.
  8. sail0r

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures - May Contain Beta Spoilers!!!

    I can only think that only the first new format FA will start on a Thursday for the same reason: the FA ending on a working day when devs are available in case something goes wrong.
  9. sail0r

    Answered Elementals

    Hi @Indriel . I posted the same about a month ago. Here is the thread https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/sentient-goods-not-balanced.13210/ However, having now finished the Elementals chapter, although you almost never find a trade asking for Tree Gum, if you place a 3-star trade...
  10. sail0r

    Communication I miss Game Announcements

    Apparently a new Fellowship Adventure will start this week. Will Inno announce it to us before it starts and ideally 72 hours (or at least 48 hours) in advance? As you know an FA needs preparation. Also players that are between chapters have to decide if they will start the new settlement or not.
  11. sail0r

    Answered ch 16/17 residence quests

    I have a long way to reach those chapters but I had a quest in Elementals that required 5 workshops to be at level 26 or higher. I had 4 normal workshops at level 26 and 2 magic workshops and the quest was satisfied. So I would say that any quest that requires residences or workshops to be at...
  12. sail0r

    Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    @Pauly7 , with your experience I am amazed that you struggle so much with the quests. Since there is a quest list available in Gems you can back off, if needed, from the Spire and/or tournament if there is an upcoming quest that requires encounters or relics. You don't have to go blindly and see...
  13. sail0r

    Sentient goods not balanced?

    Thank you @Pauly7 for the explanation. Thank you @Lelanya for your interest :) I am not a mass producer of Tree Gum yet, sort of producing when I need it. I always place 3-star trades so you won't miss me :)
  14. sail0r

    Optimizing Fellowship Adventure

    Nice analysis. I have also created a spreadsheet trying to find out the best paths to follow. However I didn't try to optimize time as a total. This would be needed if you are so few that it really matters. If you have 10 people in the FA that are active you can easily complete 1 path for each...
  15. sail0r

    Sentient goods not balanced?

    I entered Elementals a few days ago and upgraded my trader to level 3 to be able to trade sentient goods. My sentient good is Elven Tree Gum. When I tried to trade Tree Gum I noticed the following: People that are offering Tree Gum: 52 pages People that are offering Moonstone: 2 pages...
  16. sail0r

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    I have been playing this game for almost a year and Will very soon be in the Elementals chapter. I am enjoying it because of the tournaments, the struggle to have a functional city in limited space and the competition with others. Let me put down my opinion about the tournament changes. 1. 1...
  17. sail0r

    Answered Starting line-up of troops in wave 2 of fight

    Thank you @MinervaOz. I checked in a few battles and it is exactly as you say. The order in wave 2 is exactly the reverse of the order in wave 1. Knowing that, I can position my troops accordingly if I am specifically interested in the order in wave 2. :) Of course I don't know who ever thought...
  18. sail0r

    Answered Starting line-up of troops in wave 2 of fight

    I have noticed that the line-up of the troops in the 2nd wave of a fight in Spire is not the same as the line-up I defined in wave 1. I think that the line-up in wave 2 is according to initiative, the unit with the highest initiative being in the center and the lowest ones at the flanks. Can...
  19. sail0r

    Change 24-hour duration to 23

    24-hour duration (and 12-hour duration as well) for buildings where you must collect something results in the collection moving further and further in time. If you start collecting something (e.g. Genie) at 9 a.m. next day it's maybe at 9.30 a.m because you couldn't do it at 9, next day it's 10...
  20. sail0r

    Communication I miss Game Announcements

    I think it would help if you could announce Events and Fellowship Adventures with Date and time. It is a bit frustrating to have to guess when something is going to start...