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  1. Hekata

    User Interface Scout notification

    I know this has been suggested a few times before but I don't recall we ever got an answer whether it will happen or not. So can we have a notification when our scout is done scouting? It's very easy to forget when a scout is due back and to send another one with a scouting time of 80+ hours...
  2. Hekata

    Sentient goods hoarders

    There are some players that constantly take all the sentient goods (those that are bit harder to get) and trade them back at (very) unfair rates. Just out of curiosity, what exactly is the point of that? It's always the same players so by now they should have huge stocks of all those goods...
  3. Hekata

    The Watchful Winter Owl T4 production

    I read an interesting info on the beta forum that I wasn't aware of and I'd like to check if it's correct. Supposedly, if you have a Timewarp or a Vortex in your city, it will also give you a bonus production for the T4 produced by the Owl. I have a Lv 21 Timewarp so a Lv 10 owl (chapter 15)...
  4. Hekata

    Things to come

    I thought we could use a thread for those things that are not yet on beta :) And speaking of sets, it seems the Moonstone set will be added to the crafting recipes in the MA.
  5. Hekata

    City Upgrade premium culture buildings

    There are some very nice building amongst the premium culture buildings but they are expensive and usually not better than event buildings. Still, I'd be tempted to get a few if I was able to upgrade them to the next chapter, otherwise spending 5k+ diamonds for a building that will be outdated...
  6. Hekata

    Answered Techs or AWs

    I since the new tournament has begun (on Beta) I haven't upgraded AWs, haven't unlocked techs and haven't placed expansions. The idea was to wait for the test phase to be over and then decide how to proceed base on the final result. But it's taking waaay too long. I have put my kps in all useful...
  7. Hekata

    Answered Polar Bear or Moon Bear

    I need to decide if I want a Polar Bear or a Moon Bear for my smaller (halflings) city. I already have the Brown and Panda. Any thoughts?
  8. Hekata

    Answered Crafting timer

    Why does the crafting timer keep getting out of sync? I noticed it a bout a month ago, I was sure I had set it at the time I wanted the recipes to change - 7pm and after about 6 weeks it was 7.38 pm. Just to be sure I have reset it again about 2 -3 weeks ago and it looked like it was working...
  9. Hekata

    Answered Tournament squad size

    As far as I have seen the tournament squad size increases from province 1 to province 10. Then it stays the same for a certain number of provinces but at some point in increases again. I always forget to pay attention to when that actually happens. Does anyone know?
  10. Hekata

    City Mystical Object buildings

    I have noticed that most of the buildings in the Mystical Object are winter versions: Glitter Father Tree, Snowy Charming tree, Winter Lampions... Could we have the spring/summer version for a while instead? Not everyone likes the winter buildings, they usually clash a lot with most other...
  11. Hekata

    Closed | Archived Spire button disappears

    When there is no Spire the new Spire button tends to disappear. When I log into the game it's there and every time i press the AW button on the menu bar it disappears. After I refresh the page it reappears.
  12. Hekata

    Answered Pet food

    I haven't seen any pet food in my MA for 5 days now. And even before that it was very scarce (more than usual I mean). I'm down to my last 3. Is it just me having very bad luck or did anyone notice it too?
  13. Hekata

    Spells Time reduction improvement

    Since we seem to be getting less time instants (mostly what we can get from the spire or crafting) I think it would be great if instead of having individual time boosters we could get a cumulative effect. So we'd still win/craft the usual 15 min /2 hours / 5 hours/ 8 hours /14 hours etc boosters...
  14. Hekata

    Answered Tower of Fire

    I need a building that produces coins and I see the upcoming Tower of Fire is listed as a good coin producer on Elven Architect. 23k/3h for my level. So my question is: does its production vary of the culture bonus like for residences or is it fixed? And if it does is the 23k production with a...
  15. Hekata

    Answered Can't access game from browser

    I can't access the game at all. After the login screen all I get is the Inno Games logo and the little wheel spinning endlessly. After sinning along time it just shows me session has expired. Tried on 2 different browsers. Has anyone the same problem?
  16. Hekata

    Answered Tournament rewards

    Has anyone receive their tournament rewards? It's been over an hour and still nothing. When I check your FS tournament tab I see the list of all the contributors but all the chests are greyed out.
  17. Hekata

    Answered Crafting a Fire Phoenix

    Since we are getting some old Phoenix Artifacts during the new event I'd like to build a fire Phoenix. I have one in my inventory but it's from Halflings and I'm in Constructs now so I'd prefer it to be at chapter level. I'd just like official confirmation that if I delete it from my inventory...
  18. Hekata

    Trader Option for trading with fellowship only

    I think it would be very helpful if we could have an option to trade with fellowships members only. Something like a new tab where we could place offers only fellowship members could see and take. It would allow us to put up very favourable trades for fellows in lower chapters to help them...
  19. Hekata

    User Interface Using Ensorcelled Endowment on browser

    I know this has been suggested before but since nothing has been done and I don't remember us getting a reply, I thought I'd ask again. When we start to use EE spells we don't see which buildings have NH on them at that moment. We have to close the spell tab to see it and then restart again. I...
  20. Hekata

    Looking for a new fellow

    Hello folks :) We are a friendly fellowship trying to strike a balance between putting no pressure on our fellows and being active. We encourage everyone to do their best but we have no rules except fair trades. We are currently trying to improve our tournament scores. We get 6 or 7 chests...