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  1. Konniver

    Elven architect - City planning tool, and more.

    Dear humans and elves alike, I'm pleased to announce the community launch of a new site, the Elven Architect, providing tools that will assist you in building your cities. Most notably the city planner: The site now has the following tools available, but they are constantly being improved...
  2. Konniver

    Closed | Archived [5657]Unintentionally scouting from province screen

    Game version: 0.19.14472-8ef82ca-(master) (2015-07-01 11:25) Game world: EN1 Browser + version: Firefox 39.0 Flash Player version: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Screen resolution: 1920x1080 Account name: Konniver Humans or Elves: Humans Reproducibility: 5/5 = happens...