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  1. Forum Competition: Pickle's Conundrum Curse.

    Very good idea for a competition, look forward to figuring it out later.
  2. Open Game isn't loading

    Thanks for the quick reply Herodite, it decided to load after I tried again a few minutes after posting the thread. I made no changes so ive no idea what it was.
  3. Open Game isn't loading

    Whenever I try and login the game screen is blank with an icon rotating around the edges of the screen. I can get to this point, it happens whenever I click either of these. I play on browser and absolutely zero has changed on my end in the ~3 hours it has been since I last logged in and it...
  4. Elvenar...You´ve got a real problem with Scrolls....

    Im scrolls boosted on Fel and its a pain, also got tree gum boost to look forward to when i get there. Trading isnt fair since my fellowship is picking up my trades to help me out not that they need my resources. Sadly I think removing the moonstone set from the spire was the solution.
  5. Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    You get 165 hours of time instants from the spire each week if you complete it. 3 days isnt much.
  6. Update Discussion Phoenix of the Holy Fire

    @Pauly7 There has been zero anger in my posts. However it does get tiresome coming here and seeing people being negative about everything. I get what you are saying but if they were so game breaking that they caused such a problem for years to come why did they not simply reduce the benefits of...
  7. Update Discussion Phoenix of the Holy Fire

    @SoggyShorts The bears and phoenix are not overpowered. They give you an advantage for sure but having special buildings in games like this that give you an advantage in some way is standard. Dont confuse a tiny percentage of people getting multiples and running wild with how the average player...
  8. Update Discussion Phoenix of the Holy Fire

    Silly me thinking that maybe inno decided to give players a buff after nerfing tournaments so harshly. Wishful thinking I guess, congrats, you got me.
  9. Update Discussion Phoenix of the Holy Fire

    @SoggyShorts Im sorry, I forgot all of those people who refuse to build a fire phoenix because its too good. Wouldnt want to ruin everyones needles/simia/DA etc... Stop moaning, everywhere you see people talk about how punishing tournaments can be and some people even halt their progress on...
  10. Update Discussion Phoenix of the Holy Fire

    I am now certain that people on this forum will moan about anything. This is a great change that will be warmly welcomed by the virtually everyone, good idea inno.
  11. Show Us Your Cities!!

    I like all of the chapters but if I had to pick one it would be Halflings for the looks and Elvenar for practicality. I'll probably be pausing in the Elvenar chapter for a while once I get there as i'm chasing certain tournament scores and that's the best place to achieve them.
  12. Show Us Your Cities!!

    Thanks Melianora and Herodite, good to see how people organise everything
  13. New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    Interesting to see, thanks for posting. Massive congrats to Swagafythee 118k is an insane score.
  14. Show Us Your Cities!!

    Decided to go with the main hall at the bottom since you don't see it often. Cant fit a full chapter 13 settlement with everything but it functions well.
  15. Did any FS get over 1575 spire score?

    You guys are right it was people joining us for the FA that increased the score beyond 1575. I always thought that when someone left they took their points with them. I dont think its an issue that is open to abuse as if someone if dedicated enough to manipulate their spire score with alt...
  16. Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    @Fyrebird You make over 200k mana a day on each of your two cities. You have more than enough population or space for more population to support more sentient and/or supply production in each. You should be completing the spire without much difficulty. What do you want us to tell you? The...
  17. Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    @SoggyShorts I don't care to get into the numbers as there is no way i'm putting in the work to refute someone elses. All i'm going to say is that I absolutely do not get 5 a week. @Fyrebird If you are struggling with sentients then build another one. As for troop demand it is a self...
  18. Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    @Gargon667 While I agree its not difficult to finish the spire and perform strongly in the tournaments with proper planning it seems disingenuous for you to talk like its so easy while having so many booster buildings in your city. I know this is because you are pushing for a big tournament...
  19. Tournament Changes

    @MinMax Gamer I meant to say all unit upgrades.
  20. Tournament Changes

    @Pauly7 and @Gargon667 I can't believe this is the norm. I've done a minimum of 18 provinces on 3 worlds every week since the change and haven't encountered a single 5 enemy type fight until this last tournament. The lack of others talking about it leads me to believe you are right but the odds...