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  1. Central Store for FA productions

    Absolutely love this idea, would really attract more to play too, as they are then guaranteed to have their stuff used and not wasted.
  2. How to continue after reaching the 457 Provinces?

    Er, I honestly thought you were only allowed one city per account, no wonder I am so far behind the leaderboard lol, need to look into this ASAP :-)
  3. re-designing / unable to swap buildings

    LOL I learned a long time ago Lelanya, been Archmage for the last 18 months or more, but with all the updates I just wondered if it was something they had planned. A real shame as this game is slow enough already without having to wait until chapters are over to make those moves but I appreciate...
  4. re-designing / unable to swap buildings

    Hi, Having spent years on another Innogames title "Forge of Empires", I wondered if this game will ever get the same ability to swap buildings around in your city without having to delete or make space first. In FoE you simply drop a a building on any other building and they will swap...

    Just to add that I've completed all the way up to the Halflings Era and have never ever had to buy diamonds to complete anything, however, I did actually spend £5 recently on a small diamond package, not because I had to, but purely I wanted to speed things up as I am enjoying the game and this...
  6. active players

    I am certain this can be done because Innogames already have this feature in their Forge Of Empires game. using a traffic light system you can quickly see the red ones that haven't been on for more than 10 days and if you hover over any of them it says when they were last on.
  7. Suggestions for Fellowship Adventures

    I wrote to Support about the same thing foolfighter mentioned and Support told me to register here to highlight my issues. In short, I suggested a drop down menu instead of having to click and then decline each quest one by one when you have multiples of the same thing to collect. I also think...