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  1. Unattainable rewards in collective tournaments

    I did get 3rd checkpoint on one province on tournament that just ended and that was first time for me. I did 6th stage on that province. Not sure what others did on that province since I could not see more than 1st page on list over people participating. I do not think you can use diamonds on...
  2. Answered Scoring points

    Getting more expansions do not give points but give you more space to build on
  3. Max on Relic boosts?

    I do hope they at some point increases max boost, therefore I will continue to do tournament after I have them maxed but maybe not as much as before
  4. Two Builders On One Building.

    I like it as long as we do not get buildings that require 2 builders to be built
  5. Orc Count - Where Is It?

    It is the same with portal items while you are upgrading it you have to find something that needs it to find out how much you have
  6. Notice: All Ancient Wonders to become mandatory in version 1.11

    At least they can't stop you from not researching and use your kp on your own AWs either directly or indirectly via kp swap
  7. Notice: All Ancient Wonders to become mandatory in version 1.11

    Not really surprising I will wait as long as I can before I finish them
  8. Neighbors Faster removal of Neighbours

    I think if you are not active for a time your account should not be deleted at once but removed from map and then if you come back you get a new spot with same boosts and provinces as you had. Then rules from deleting an account can be as it is now
  9. InnoGames TV [Feedback] July Episode

    Looks like some buildings here have swapped orientation elven barracks does not go that way but trader is correct.
  10. InnoGames TV [Feedback] July Episode

    If you wanted a real twist you should have taken 2 races that normally is not considered being together like orcs and goblins often are.
  11. Communication World Chat

    When I first came to elvenar I was surprised that it did not have a world chat. It would be the easiest way of finding fellowship for a new player
  12. Elven architect - City planning tool, and more.

    It might be an idea to remove the confirm screen for selling. It is annoying if I am going to remove a building to change it with another level of same building. Also it might be better to call it remove rather than sell.
  13. Elven architect - City planning tool, and more.

    I do hope the save function gets better than what it is now with that really long string. I would guess it has all infor about every building. On forgestats it is a link that is a lot shorter.
  14. Elven architect - City planning tool, and more.

    Nice I did like forgestats city planner for FoE and was wishing there was something similar for elvenar. So far I have been using excel but that is not the best tool for this
  15. Update Discussion Version 1.8

    When fighting in tournament it now is harder to see if I have lost troops or not since the bar showing troops survived does not go across when I have not lost any.
  16. Ancient Wonders Record of AW Donations

    There should be a way to see who donated on previous level like you have in FoE for GB there. You should also have a list of AWs that you have donated that are not finished with current level.
  17. Mandatory Buildings

    Would be a bit hard to do a building game like this and not having builders hut. Then one can't build or upgrade anything
  18. Dormant archmages

    There should be a way to depose an inactive archmage ingame. You might ask support if they can make you archmage that would make it a lot easier.
  19. Update Discussion Version 1.5 - Tournaments!

    I think the reward for the top 100 global is lame. 100 ranking points for the top player and 1 less for next player until 1 point for 100th player. When the highest ranked player in my server is close to 150k points I do not think anyone will really notice.
  20. Update Discussion Version 1.5 - Tournaments!

    I like it but I see that I will not do that much tournament every week, because when it is for a relic that is not boosted for me it is not that interesting. I will do a few of those first few, but not as many as when it is something I have boosted. Max relic boost needs to be increased since...