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Search results

  1. Elite Warriors seeking active player :)

    We are a friendly bunch of guys and girls from all over, and are looking for an active player. Love 10 chest tournies, good at Adventures. Elixer or Planks would(lol) be an advantage. Check us out and hit us up. Cheers
  2. Elite Warriors looking for u?

    Relaxed but competitive, tournie based, do well in adventures, fun, friendly and helpful. We have one spot open, planks and +1000 tournie? Check us out :) Thanks
  3. Elite Warriors recuiting tournie player

    We have 1 vacancy. Steel, scrolls and elixer would be good. 10 chests team. Active, friendly and helpfull.
  4. Looking for an active fellowship

    I became disillusioned with my last fellowship, only about half participated in tourneys and adventures. I have boosted steel, crystal and elixir, and boosted sentient planks, and score between 1000 and 2500 in most tourneys, with a score of 184135, ranking 1651. Australian. If you like that...