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  1. Question portals

    Hey all I have a question I and another friendand guild member are both transitioning from dwarves to fairies(ch-6-7) and I have understood that there is a special quest thread that prompts me to sell my dwarven portal and acutrements and start to place faires. Which neither of us have recieved...
  2. Open help

    hey guys don't know why but I've read that between dwarves and fairies there seems to be a problem. No one gets the sell quest thread untill one has sold it.As well every time I try to log in to tech support I'm asked to make a new passcode very frustrating..please help
  3. Question a little help please

    I have just ended dwarves (ch 6) and as I have read I need to wait to see a quest thread which prompts me to sell off dwarvenportal etc. which I have not recieved as of yet. Am I missing something as well my friend (in my guild) as well has not recieved this quest prompt either. Has something...
  4. cup and laurel

    Question what causes ones score next to the cup and laurel to decrease
  5. Question overall ranking

    what is that I'm doing that causes my ranking to decrease?
  6. FA machine cities

    I find it extraordinarily unfair and quite offensive to real players and cities who work hard to give fair game play the couple of fellowship adventure cities who exsist for nothing else than take top spots in the FA!!!! In my opinion they should be banned from all fellowship adventures!! To...
  7. creatures reproduce

    I think it would be a cool and fun/usefull idea to have a population boost. Taking into consideration humans/elves reproduce. Could be an addition, perhaps for time(every so many months etc.) or basic population. Not something that would disbalance the game play . Just something to look forward...
  8. Closed | Archived help

    help please can't log on under gatsdelll
  9. alience

    I think we should have an alience page like golden friendships. Like in fellowships active players should have an alience page with our neighbors
  10. notice of delivery

    one other little idea for the FA would be to have abadge delivery alert when someone places badges a little light or glow. Helpful when one is waiting for that last badge to be placed to move on. avoiding the need for repeated returns to check
  11. recycle bin

    I think it would be a cool idea to have a recycle bin at the BP stage of the FA. A place where you deliver unused badges like guards and sacks, for recycle! put in some hundreds get a prize doesn't have to be big. Just something to feel like they're not waisted
  12. City goods

    Why isn't there a produce all button for goods like there is for supplies? It's very tedious to click each 1 separately!!
  13. City wasted space

    It seems to me that the squares contingent to the main hall should be considered connected. Avoiding the use of the space wasting, useless 1 square road spits. In cities where space is tight, the use of road spits often results in the loss of a potential build site!!! w hats up with that!!
  14. greetings to all

    nice yo meet you all!!