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  1. Question Tournament city

    Military buildings: Barracks max, 3(+/-1) Armories max. Other buildings: Magic Academy max, Main Hall Max, a couple of factories (produce goods for catering in the spire), no mana needed! No WS, use other means of supply production: Quest cycle, Instants (Ferris Wheels/MA/events), AWs (PTowers...
  2. Question Tournament city

    Thanks so much for all of this information! I did sell most of my buildings, so I am starting mostly fresh. I have much to work on. Thanks again :)
  3. Question Joining a new FS from tablet

    I get invites on my phone no problem. Perhaps deleted your invitation and resend it? He won't be able to search for you, but he should get your invite.
  4. Question Tournament city

    I am restarting my city, i am in woodelves chapter. I want my city to focus on tournaments specifically, so from others who have mastered tournaments before me, what should I expect to put in my city and how many ie how many workshops, and factories? Thanks for any tips!