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  1. gandolfus

    Members needed for MeisEntropia FS

    We are currently looking for relaxed players for a low stress relaxed Fellowship. If this sounds like a FS you'd like to join please contact Gandolfus and I'll arrange an invitation.
  2. gandolfus

    Closed | Archived Golden Abyss

    Version 1.22.11 Tooltip shows it as providing culture:
  3. gandolfus

    Neighbors Neighbor Help

    The problem I have is it can be difficult when providing neighborly help to determine what culture buildings have an EE spell applied. This is particularly difficult on many of the Winter Event builings, the snow falling (lovely effect) obscures the shimer effect of the EE. I propose the hands...
  4. gandolfus

    Answered Server problem?

    Anyone else suddenly having problems on EN2? I've had 5 or 6 Stream Errors in the last 1/2 hour (started just after tourney ended). Doesn't seem tied to anything I'm doing, have even had it when just sitting idle.
  5. gandolfus

    Forum New thread

    Could we have a locked thread made under https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?forums/questions-and-help.23/ for useful sites such as elvenarchitect? Locked so sites could be added by Mods, but the lack of comments would make them easier to locate. Folk could 'nominate' sites to be placed...
  6. gandolfus


    I'm thinking, if tournaments were suspended during Events, it would allow players (and fellowships) to concentrate on one objective rather than splitting their attentions and resources. It would also help ease the problems with resources being unavailable. Thoughts?
  7. gandolfus

    Answered Supplies

    I'm at the middle of chapter 3, so a lot I've not seen, built yet. The question: Other than training troops, and using the wholesaler, is there anything to be done with excess supplies?
  8. gandolfus

    Ancient Wonders shards

    As far as I know, there currently is no use for excess shards. What I propose is that the excess shards could be us just as KP is in the upgrade of the corresponding Wonder. I feel this would be easily implemented, a benefit to all players, and cannot think of any problems it could cause.
  9. gandolfus

    Cross tier trades

    Yes, there are currently an abnormally large number of cross-tier trades posted. I am certain this is a temporary thing, as I am convinced the underlying reason for it is the v-day quest. Toward the end of the quest are 3 stages which tie players T1 manufactories for 24 and 48 hours. So...
  10. gandolfus

    Closed | Archived Street displayed wrong

    Game version: v1.21.8-(08b2a57) (2017-01-19 13:33) Game world: EN1 Browser + version FireFox 50.1.0 Flash Player version: Operating System: Win 7 Screen resolution: all Account name: Gandolfus Humans or Elves: Human Reproducibility: Not sure Current situation: Street displayed in...
  11. gandolfus

    Now Open for new Recruits

    The Prototypes are now open and recruiting! We are a friendly, fun and relaxed Fellowship that started 24/01/2017. We are recruiting big or small, experienced or new players that are daily and friendly players. This is a game so we have fun, no drama allowed. Yet to be competitive, we need to...
  12. gandolfus

    User Interface Setting Production

    I think it would be nice if we could use the number pad to set production. As the number keys already work for this, it seems an easy thing to accept the input from the numpad as well. Benefits - easier to use for left handed people (I assume), as well as those who have external numpads...
  13. gandolfus

    Closed | Archived Tool Tip glitch

    Game version: __ previous version, current, and Beta version Game world: __ EN1, EN2, ZZ1 Browser + version: __ FireFox (2 computers) Flash Player version: __24.0.0.194 (2 computers) Operating System: __ Win 7 (2 computers) Screen resolution: __ Various Account name: __ Gandolfus Humans or...
  14. gandolfus

    Forum Feedback

    How about this? Devs could comment on the suggestions here in the forum, and let us know what they're thinking. Stuff like: We can do that / Maybe Later / Won't work because / .... People would feel they are being heard, and their ideas have merit.
  15. gandolfus

    Answered FS Tournaments

    If you have cleared all the provinces available to you, there is no way to see the Fellowship checkpoint bar. There should be a way, so we can plan while we wait for the provinces to reset.
  16. gandolfus

    Closed | Archived Free Upgrade

    Game version: __ v1.21.7-(9de5d34) (2017-01-18 9:30) Game world: __ Arendyll Browser + version: __ FireFox 50.1.0 Flash Player version: __ Operating System: __ Win 7 Screen resolution: __ 1360 x 768 Account name: __ Gandolfus Humans or Elves: __ Human Reproducibility: _1_/5 (1/5 =...
  17. gandolfus


    The trader doesn't have real-time updating of offers available,and I can see adding that as a feature could be a nightmare. So, how about a "refresh" button in the trader, this should be easier, as well as being quicker than closing and opening the trader. It seems to me it might also lower...
  18. gandolfus

    Closed | Archived Recruitment Notice

    Game version: v1.20.9-(aa64468) (2017-01-09 11:01) Game world: Winyandor Browser + version: Firefox 50.1.0 Flash Player version: Operating System: Win 7 Screen resolution: 1360x768 Account name: Gandolfus Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 Quest title: N/A Current...