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  1. Question Glitch or development

    problem solved. thank you
  2. Question Glitch or development

    The Trainign Grounds in one of my worlds is faulty. It shows all four slots full, with one slot flickering and counting over 60000 seconds backwards, sorry, not really sure how to better describe it.
  3. ElvenStats website - stats, ladders, and more

    @elvenstats, my worlds won't update any longer. Any ideas why not?
  4. Answered how do I change mz email

    I am working off a Windows Laptop from the UK. Here in steps what I see:
  5. Answered how do I change mz email

    Sorry. Should have read "how do I change my email". I assume you mean in the respective settings_ The only option I have there is to resend my activation email, which is of no use as this will be send to the email I have closed.
  6. Answered how do I change mz email

    Hello, Mz old email, with which I am registered here has been hacked and I had to close it. How am I now going to change mz email address here. Thank you. Fester
  7. Orcs - how to get them?

    Hello, Thank you all for your feedback. I am still none the wiser. I am getting the impression that I can currently not gain, craft or produce Orcs. I need them (nevertheless) and the related products, to research, negotiate, etc. I have two worlds with the requirements, as I have the Orc...
  8. Orcs - how to get them?

    Thank you for your answer, this research I have already activated, but I still do not seem to be able to craft Orcs. Is the magic solution the Armouries on level 21 as an overall solution? Right now, I cannot do any more research as I need Orc resources and I cannot negotiate new encounters or...
  9. Orcs - how to get them?

    Hello all, I am trying to get Orcs, but I am somehow stuck in the how? My Armouries and Barracks are at level 19, the Orc Portal is up and active, I am on Level VIII, but how do I now get Orcs and related resources? What am I missing / not doing? Thank you for your help. Fester