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  1. Question Brown Bear

    Question : is it better to sell the chapter 3 level Brown bear ( not evolved) and re craft or to upgrade using royal restoration. Am tempted to sell it and re craft, but a bit worried it might not come around. Am now in chapter 6. Appreciate your input.
  2. Question 10 chest tournament

    Am curious. if in the tournament - the participating Fellows have attained 10 chest ( 1 day before close) - would a non participating fellow get the same reward if he/she comes along after the 10 chest has been secured and add 30 points to the tournament. Just to be clear - the 10 chests have...
  3. Crafting evolving buildings but no artefacts

    my question is in regards to crafting ( in the magic Academy) evolving buildings such as the Bears, Stonehenge, Mermaid Paradise etc, but I have not seen any artefacts to support these buildings. What is the point of crafting take for example Stonehenge - when it is never going to evolve cos...