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  1. HelpMeAlex

    Closed | Archived Messages being deleted

    Great! Thank you for the update. This was indeed as I suspected, as this is exactly what happens to me when I experience this bug myself. I do have an additional question regarding this issue though. Can you tell me if you have noticed anything strange about the specific messages that display...
  2. HelpMeAlex

    Closed | Archived Messages being deleted

    Hello Da Twista, thank you for reporting this issue! I have actually experienced this issue myself, so I will be working on investigating this one for you, as we will likely be able to get to the bottom of this one quicker that way! :) In addition to this issue, we have a separate bug reported...
  3. HelpMeAlex

    Closed | Archived [6278] Mouse cursor blocking mouseover text

    Thank you for your report. This issue has been confirmed and forwarded to our development team.
  4. HelpMeAlex

    Closed | Archived [5652] upgrade disappearing after 3 hours

    Thank you jijina for trying to help here :-) Our support team has indeed been looking into this issue for Annah. We will leave this thread open unless the OP (Annah) specifically requests it be closed. :-)
  5. HelpMeAlex

    Answered Expansion

    To add to MetalLift's great response, here is a link to the Wiki that explains in detail how you can obtain expansions through the world map. https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Expansions#Province_Expansions_Overview
  6. HelpMeAlex

    Answered player vs player

    At this time, there are no plans for a PvP type that the OP mentions. While this could always change in the future, for now, the world of Elvenar will remain peaceful. :-)
  7. HelpMeAlex

    Battle Rebalance

    I can understand your frustration here, the fighting does become rather challenging! I believe the purpose of this though, is to keep you from progressing too far too quick through the world map. However, I lean to agree with you, perhaps at the current state, it is a bit too challenging. ;-)
  8. HelpMeAlex

    Answered Grouping up to defeat particularly hard fight

    Moving this thread to "questions and help" section, as this is more of a question as structured. :-)
  9. HelpMeAlex

    Neighborly Help

    As Tempus mentioned, do give it time, inactive players will be removed after 30 days of inactivity. You should eventually have many active neighbors. Now, whether or not they decide to give you neighborly help is up to them, but it does help to visit them anyway! Not only are you awarded...
  10. HelpMeAlex

    Fight Initiative

    Hello Wyldewood, great question! In Elvenar, units with a higher initiative will attack first. So for example, if unit type A has an initiative of 3, and unit B has an initiative of 4, unit type B would attack first. Indeed, very handy to know. A great strategic move can be to take out enemy...
  11. HelpMeAlex

    Read Me Player Guides and Strategies Section

    This section of the forum is for players to post any player-made tutorials, guides, tips, strategies, etc., pertaining to Elvenar! Please feel free to write up any sort of the above mentioned items and share with the community! Remember to keep these guides written in this server's required...
  12. HelpMeAlex

    Official Elvenar Wiki

    Click below to access the official Elvenar Wiki page. The Wiki is a great read for all players of Elvenar, seasoned or sproutling! Elvenar Wiki
  13. HelpMeAlex

    Closed | Archived will not reload

    Waterfox is not at all affiliated with Firefox. While it may have a similar engine, the design is completely different, has it's own features, and you are not likely to have the same password troubles as firefox. Most importantly, Waterfox is a 64 bit browser, and the performance is mind...
  14. HelpMeAlex

    New Game Features Village Edit Mode like that of CoC

    The issue with adding a feature such as this, it takes away from the difficulty of the game. Part of the strategy of the game is to have to design your town and build and grow it while staying within the confinements the game has as it is. :-)
  15. HelpMeAlex

    Answered Inactive neighbors

    I must confirm this also, but a player should assume to start over from scratch again if the player has not logged in for 30 days prior, and would be relocated on the world map.
  16. HelpMeAlex

    Answered Inactive neighbors

    I'm not quite sure it works like that, but I will see what I can find out. I don't believe there is a "monthly" sweep of inactives. but rather, a player will disappear from the world map after 30 days of that player's inactivity. An inactive player is likely replaced on the map with a new...
  17. HelpMeAlex

    Closed | Archived will not reload

    Internet Explorer actually seems to have the worst performance in most player's opinions when handling flash games such as Elvenar. I would highly recommend that you download and use Google Chrome when playing Elvenar. You also might want to give Waterfox Browser a try. Waterfox is a 64-bit...
  18. HelpMeAlex

    Answered Upgrading Residence

    Hello FireFighter, This is indeed intentional, and functioning as the game is intended to. Upon completion of a residence upgrade, a residence will not start producing gold/coins until you have logged in. It is this way in order to give parity between residence and workshops, as a workshop...
  19. HelpMeAlex

    Answered Inactive neighbors

    If a player does not log in within 30 days, the player will be considered "inactive" by the game. :)