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  1. Answered Blueprints - where to get them?

    Thanks Cwgiii - good tips - we're a bit hit and miss in our fellowship - need to get a better ratio of active players I suspect...
  2. Kings of Elvenar want you!

    We're a relaxed and fun fellowship - a few members have become inactive - so looking for new members - we play in the weekly tournaments and fellowship adventures. Most visit each other more days than not. Especially keen to have players with boosts in marble, crystal and elixir. Will also...
  3. Answered Blueprints - where to get them?

    I some times see Royal Restoration spells come up in crafting - but they always need blueprints to craft them - could someone tell me where to get blue prints? Are they level dependent? I'm about half way through woodelves at the moment. Thanks in advance!
  4. Answered Dwarven Resources

    Thanks for your help Shadowblack - much appreciated :)
  5. Answered Dwarven Resources

    Hello everyone - apologies if this has been asked before - but I've had a look through wiki and the archives and couldn't find it. My question is this - once the various Dwarven technologies have been researched will you still need copper or granite for anything - if so what? So far as I can...