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  1. Jai125

    Magical Residencies

    I do think it very unfair changing the shape of the magical residencies once leaving chapter 15 going into chapter 16. They are now too big, and I simply do not have the room to upgrade them. I now have to get rid of them which is now a waste of purchased diamonds. 20 or so magical residencies...
  2. Jai125

    Question Mercenary Camp v's Training Grounds

    Hi Guy's, I am seriously thinking of replacing my training grounds with the mercenary camp and starting the Flying Academy, bearing in mind I don't have the Victory Springs... Is it someting worth doing or should I just keep the traning grounds and start the Victory Springs? At the moment I...
  3. Jai125

    Relic Trading

    I was wondering if there is something we can do with our relics? Maybe trade relics like we do goods, It's just I have thousands of some relics not being used and others, I do not have enough of. Cheers Jai
  4. Jai125

    Are Workshop's an essential building since the introduction of the Instant Supply Windfall's?

    Hi there, I am currently enjoying the Autumn Zodiac Event, well I was,until I came up to a quest advising: “Produce bread with a workshop from your current or previous three chapters” I don’t have any workshops, through choice, now through this event I have to have them. I now can't proceed...
  5. Jai125

    Boudicca's Iceni

    Well done Boudicca's Iceni for 1st place in the latest fellowship adventure #JustSaying
  6. Jai125

    Just Looking...

    Are there any active Fellowships out there, I mean players who do daily visits, seems the bigger the player, the lazier they are. Currently in top 30 FS and it's so boring lol I just want to join a lively, active FS in Winyandor Score 72K + Player :D
  7. Jai125

    And it's a "Hello" from me.....

    Hi there, I have been playing for about a month now and am with a great fellowship, United Townships. Laters... Jamie