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  1. Magic Academy - Crafting: Mystical Object Reward Update

    Nobody has more winter lampions than me. Nobody :p NOBODY!!!
  2. 3-word game

    Landmine, losing legs
  3. Ancient Wonder chests raids

    "You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth Cityscape". The new updates to viewing AW's has certainly made it a crowded workplace for hunters. Due to the ease of being able to identify profits. I hate it when people don't visit my AW's :P Many hunters are actually losing out, as well...

    ........WE ARE FAMILY, WHY DON'T WE INVEST OUR KP? In times of global lockdown, to lift spirits, I'm suggesting an ambitious post, aimed at bringing the masses together, the Elvenar Family. Starting at 10KP, and going up 1 at a time for each successful donation, people who want to partake...
  5. Fellowship Adventures - Remove unused badges once in the pit

    Once a Fellowship has entered the pit, is it not possible to then remove or hide the badges that are not required in the pit? I cannot be the only one who keeps getting slightly annoyed having to collect sacks of coins, witches hats etc, which are useless.
  6. Mute Button

    Is it possible to mute a person who belongs in the same fellowship as you? I have a friend who has asked me this question because he (or she) types large volumes of nonsense in the chat window of that FS but often gets no responses. So I'm wondering, I mean, my friend is wondering if they have...
  7. Birthday Blessings

    Oh my word. Viskyar this is actually by far the best present I got this year. A lesson for all - never ever tell family to not bother getting you anything. Today they listened to me ha. Muchos Gracias
  8. Birthday Blessings

    Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me If you’re playing in ‘F’ world Come gift me some KP Best wishes to all on this Leo’s special day. Cooteweir