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  1. Answered How many Province expansions should I have received, moving from old province limit to new limit?

    Hi Team, Before this new release I was at the completed province limit; when the new release occurred a day or two ago this limit was increased, I received 1 new province expansion (which I have used). My question is how many province expansions should I have received moving from the previous...
  2. Oasis is looking for 2 new fellows

    Oasis fellowship as the name implies is a sanctuary of peace and fair game play consisting of fellows that know how to play the game. We are currently looking for two new fellows. For further information, please read our fellowship's overview page. We're an open fellowship allowing you to self...
  3. Looking to join an active and friendly fellowship

    Hi, I am an active (daily) player and am looking to join a fellowship that is enthusiastic about the game Looking forward to your response Please send messages to my Inbox. Dal-dog
  4. Looking for a fellowship

    Hi, I wish to disband my FS and join a fellowship that can support me at the stage my city is at and to accelerate my growth with continuous 150% culture, AW KP investments and majority fellows participation in all tournaments. I have good understanding of the game and know that I will need to...