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  1. HelpMeAlex

    Read Me Player Guides and Strategies Section

    This section of the forum is for players to post any player-made tutorials, guides, tips, strategies, etc., pertaining to Elvenar! Please feel free to write up any sort of the above mentioned items and share with the community! Remember to keep these guides written in this server's required...
  2. HelpMeAlex

    Official Elvenar Wiki

    Click below to access the official Elvenar Wiki page. The Wiki is a great read for all players of Elvenar, seasoned or sproutling! Elvenar Wiki
  3. HelpMeAlex

    Elvenar Team HelpmeAlex at your service!

    Welcome to Elvenar, friends! At the risk of receiving a "TLDR" response, I'll keep this short and sweet... :p The name is....yep, you guessed it, Alex! I'm 28 and a half (because the half does indeed matter), male, and live in Orlando, Florida, U.S....and yes, Mickey Mouse and I are great...