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  1. m4rt1n

    Question Teleporting a part used time limited building.

    Just a quick question, say I teleport a DA or for example a Genie, while the clock is ticking, does the clock continue to tick while in inventory? I know expired buildings do not reset, but do count down timed buildings keep ticking or pause if time is left on them when teleported. :) Edit...
  2. m4rt1n

    FA finish and the servers are messed up.

    At the completion of the FA I got kicked from the game, and have reloaded back in several times. Still the FA badge thing is there even after clearing my internet and browser cache. The game loads and plays somewhat but the chat is broken and I get continuously kicked out to a reload screen...
  3. m4rt1n

    Elvinears have a space.

    Hi everyone, we are looking for friendly active players. :) First and foremost, we are very friendly and active in chat and joining us will lead to great friendships. :) Maybe have a joke or two in the chat, help with a few trades, earn a Blueprint every week and reach top 20 in Adventures. :D...
  4. m4rt1n

    Question Covid 19

    Has Inno got in place any plans to keep the game open given the current crisis. Can the staff work from home? Is there any possibility the game will close now I and many others are at home for the next ..... how long? Sorry for worrying and I wish good health to all at this time but hope my...
  5. m4rt1n

    Closed | Archived Text Error in Carnival Quests.

    Here is a screen shot showing that the text for quest 32 has a section left in bracketed that should have been removed, as the quests for the event are now regular ones for all players.
  6. m4rt1n

    Question As a non EU country will the UK diamond and other prices now go up?

    As the title says, Inno is a German Company so will UK prices now be hiked up again like they were by 25% after the in out referendum?
  7. m4rt1n

    Question Chapter 16

    Hi Guy's Is there any released timescale yet for the continuation of the Elvenar adventure. @Muf-Muf @Silmaril several of us are now twiddling our thumbs waiting on any hints for a ch16 of the adventure. In the past February has been the release of chapters in the game, and as it's just...
  8. m4rt1n

    Looking for a fellowship that does 10 chests

    No rules in chat on politics, if I want to call Trump of Boris a name that is ok, lively chat, no pressure to do anything on the upcoming adventure, but I like spire play and complete it every week. Left my only fellowship because someone wanted to make chat censored to calling out on...
  9. m4rt1n

    Question Where are this weeks fellowship spire rewards.

    I am wondering what has happened to this weeks fellowship spire rewards. Its been almost 90 mins since the end yet still we are waiting on the rewards. The last few weeks, they have come through after 5-10 mins so why so long this time around?
  10. m4rt1n

    Closed | Archived MM spell stars offset to the right on ch15 upgrades of Planks Manu

    The use of Magical Manufacturing spells are offset wildly to the right on the ch15 upgrades of Planks factories. In the pic below, I have circled the MM effect on my planks factory level 29. The x is to say ignore the Zzz of the building below. PC Browser version of the game.
  11. m4rt1n

    Answered Fellowship Adventure "cheats"

    Why does Inno continue to allow the Fellowship removed on Arendyll to kick good players less than an hour before the start to bring in their silent alternate accounts every time and make the adventure impossible to win for everyone else. @Muf-Muf My suggestion to solve this, sinc FA's on Beta...
  12. m4rt1n

    Answered Have the runes for the ch15 AW's been added to the mix in tourneys

    The reason I ask is I have not yet received a singe rune for the ch15 AW's yet and have scored heavily in the weekly tourneys. For example this week I have scored over 7k in the tourney and got a lot of runes. Has anyone got a ch15 rune from the tourney yet?
  13. m4rt1n

    Elvinears are recruiting

    Hi everyone, we are looking for friendly active players. :) First and foremost, we are very friendly and active in chat and joining us will lead to great friendships. :) Maybe have a joke or two in the chat, help with a few trades, earn a Blueprint every week and reach top 20 in Adventures. :D...
  14. m4rt1n

    Answered Community Contests

    Hi @Muf-Muf with the sad departure of @Dizzy Lizzie are we still going to get our Community Contests. Some of them were a lot of fun and a challenge, especially the ones where it was individual and fellowships couldn't just tell everyone the answer. I do hope you can continue them and if your...
  15. m4rt1n

    Closed | Archived Chapter 15 people dont walk on the paths

    I noticed earlier that the new people of chapter 15 walk at the side of the path and through buildings on occasion. They never walk on the paths yet the normal residences continue to walk normally on the paths. PC version. Here is a screenshot I managed, and will try and get more if required.
  16. m4rt1n

    Answered How do I complete the same event quest 5 times in a row.

    So how do I do Scout/Reseach/15VV after the 5th time in a row, after getting it before already. All time boosters used, all diamonds used, and all CC used. I asked support a few hours ago, no comment yet. 1. I am rich and buy. 2. I quit the game I love because it only listens to the few rich...
  17. m4rt1n

    Closed | Contact Support APP Tournament auto move to next available open province.

    Hi Guy's On the App on the latest version using an iphone XR, when playing the tourney everything works as expected with the auto move to the next available open tourney province until I complete province 1 to level 6. Once the first province is fully complete to 6*, the auto move then takes...
  18. m4rt1n

    Elvinears are looking for players.

    Hi everyone, we are looking for friendly active players. :) Maybe have a joke or two in the chat, help with a few trades, earn a Blueprint and reach top 20 in Adventures. :D New players are welcome as well as old timers. We have a fully relaxed atmosphere, however stress is allowed on special...
  19. m4rt1n

    Closed | Archived EN1 Crashed on PC and APP

    Hi Guy's, EN1 crashed for about 7 minutes a short while ago across all platforms. Some normal game links are still not working and fellows who have returned so far have had to use older and 3rd party site links to get the game to load. Has anyone else experienced this issue. The problem is...
  20. m4rt1n

    Sunbathers on their sunbeds - I hope this is only temporary

    We all know that the fellows from Germany love first spot on the sunbed, but launch the towel to get the spot at no expense or consequence. Inno games are developed in Hamburg, Germany but I find the recent change to my city very unwelcome. We are in imagination, not reality, so I guess...