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  1. Answered Winter woes

    Oh diddly wotsits. I'm supposed to create 3 cats. I need gem relics, but have none and my next gem prov is after another which I'll need to get.... Heck, I'm stumped for days Miss O (annoyed) :-)
  2. Love 10 tourney chests and FA?

    We are a fun fs, 10 tourney chests p/w is normal. We also love FA's and enthusiasm for them! Come and play with us! Miss O. Just apply to me or fellow mages! :)
  3. On a lighter note...

    Where is the little Autumn squirrel?
  4. Object to a name

    I'm no prude but object to the name of a player. What do I do?
  5. Answered Crafting

    Hi, just went to collect the 3 Inspiring Meditations I'd crafted. I was given 3 Magical Manufacturing instead. Very nice but not what I wanted>
  6. Answered Offensive name

    How do I report a name I find a bit below the belt?
  7. Trade options

    When trading, an option to trade only with your fs for X amount of hours before being open to all is something perhaps you could consider. :-)
  8. FA winners seek FA players!

    We are a happy fellowship with good banter if you want to join in, or not! We've lost 2 good FA players so if you like the challenge... Join Swagafythee
  9. Answered Is my event over?

    How to get 10 encounters? Hmm? Well all my provinces need Orcs, which I haven't got, I can't fight them cos I'm a rubbish fighter and have nowhere near the troops anyway. So is that it for me?
  10. My event over

    Can I be the only one stuck? I can't gain 10 encounters as I need Orcs which I am nowhere near getting. Great event, not :-(