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  1. Quinoa

    Answered Elemental Chapter

    I seems stuck on the Elemental Chapter As all ready to go techinal need Elvenar Essences and the canals only give me minerals, where do I get Elvenar essences so I can go on and progress and build Advanced Elemental Manif. fire, wind, water, earth? As I read again and again it say one can turn...
  2. Quinoa

    Builders hut

    How come some players always do their "helping out" and target the Builders hut, even one is not in a building mood and the building hut is far off hidden away even? This when one have loads of other culture things to press on to help out.. I just found it odd
  3. Quinoa

    Answered Armory

    I have research Armory up to Uppgrade 19, still my armory show and lvl 17 how is that possible?
  4. Quinoa

    Unable to log in April 7th

    I was able to log in this morning, but this afternoon, it stop at 20/24 on the log in screen and unable to log in. Nearly same thing happens in FoE, it's buffering and behaving bad, not able to do much. And it seems to chew on my CPU like nuts up too 94%, that has never happen before. PC is...
  5. Quinoa

    Whre did my points go?

    Hey everyone, Before today I hade 48 soldier in each grp, now 24 ? In my research tree I had already filled in Size 4 as I was able to have Barracks up. So where did my point go and can I please have them back?