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  1. elfin71

    Update Discussion Version 1.15

  2. elfin71

    Update Discussion Version 1.15

    Yes i'm an advanced player and stuck right now there is no point in me playing this game right now, I can't fight, can't negotiate so I am stuck, I have opened too many provinces, I need orcs to negotiate which i don't have so for me it is pointless playing the game. I have played this game from...
  3. elfin71

    Update Discussion Version 1.15

    So well said Tiriake they have not took into consideration the players that have scouted more provinces, I have completed 246 provinces and now i'm at a standstill, cannot fight just get beat all the time and cannot negotiate as I need orcs, I have stopped training troops as it's pointless I am...
  4. elfin71

    Asking for experienced players to contribute to our new fighting strategy document

    As said above we are looking for experienced fighters to contribute to our new fighting strategy and asking for contributions and suggestions ty https://www.facebook.com/notes/elvenar-platinum-leaf-community/the-new-battle-system/1796393020638813
  5. elfin71

    Bannercy ** Recruiting**

    Hello All, Bannercy is currently recruiting one new member to join our friendly fast moving fellowship, rank 47. Trades took instantly, we do not tell you how to build your city but will give advice as and when needed. All we ask is that you are daily player and visitor to help our other...
  6. elfin71

    Ingame advertising spam

    I have had at least 5 messages today, three of them saying it's an inno games game have reported all as spam
  7. elfin71

    Hollowcry **recruiting**

    :) Hi All :) Hollowcry in Arendyll is recruiting one new member. We are a fast moving fellowship, looking for a daily player who is active and will visit members. Trades took almost instantly to help you move through the research map etc. Advice given when needed. Someone is alway's there...
  8. elfin71

    Answered orcs goblins

    I'm currently on the fairy map but the provinces I have open I have to fight or negotitate with orcs since I don't have orcs yet these fights are impossible for me which stops me from moving forward, this in my opinion is unfair to players that are 10 provinces out and needs fixed before more...
  9. elfin71


    People were warned well before the update they would need to research all ancient wonders
  10. elfin71

    Update Discussion Version 1.11

    Well said I have warned my members of what is coming.... can we control it no..... all we can do is go with the flow
  11. elfin71

    Update Discussion Version 1.11

    Ok going to say what I think here, I for one am not happy about having to deal with orcs in provinces (in fights when i cannot produce them) because I haven't got to that part of the research map, but in saying that i'm doing fights now that I would never of attempted before and getting them...
  12. elfin71

    Closed | Archived Facebook Login

    It seem's to be people on the EN server are locked out of logging into the game via FB
  13. elfin71

    Closed | Archived Facebook Login

    this has happened on the EN server all day and has caused a lot of problems for everybody involved, my time here is 11.46pm and this problem has been going on since this morning my time
  14. elfin71

    Closed | Archived Facebook Login

    Hi could you please tell me when the logging in through facebook issue will be fixed, there's numerous comments about this on the elvenar page on facebook and nobody seems to be getting an answer. Everyone who tries to log in through facebook is getting internal server error. I run a fellowship...
  15. elfin71

    Poll: Orcs In Province Negotiations

    I have played this game from day one almost, I will not and won't spend diamonds on the game. In saying that I have enjoyed playing this game even though it makes you go through hoops to get where you need to be and be patient is another key feature of this game, but I have stuck with it. I also...
  16. elfin71

    Update Discussion Version 1.10

    A bug let's just see what the next update brings
  17. elfin71

    Update Discussion Version 1.10

    Can i just ask why then in the beta forum in the next upgrade 1.11 orcs have been took out of negotiating fights
  18. elfin71

    Update Discussion Version 1.10

    Couldn't of said that better myself what a mess they have made of this game a lot of long standing players will leave
  19. elfin71

    Bannercry recruiting

    We are currently looking for 3 new members in Bannercry, all we ask is that you are a daily player and help with visits trades etc, (rank 67), friendly fellowship all members help each other out