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  1. damon


    How many players are missing neighbours helping them? Why on earth is there not a delete button for trades taken? This surely must be simple for the devs to do, or am I being to picky, when a lot of trades are posted you miss out on fellow neighbours that have helped you.
  2. damon

    Worl Map

    Why can we not have a general overview of the World Map. When scrolling around it is "useful" to have the big blue arrow. Also why can we not see when scrolling other players scores, to have to go into their towns is time wasting.
  3. damon


    I have just turned the sound on in my city . . . It makes me feel like quitting the game!!! How laborious. Yes I agree there is a switch to turn it off/on but please let it be more inspiring Damon :))
  4. damon

    Dwarves to Fairy

    What happens to goods collected in dwarves manufactory once you are established in the Fairy tree. I have searched the forums but cannot find the answer:(
  5. damon


    Surely when a builders hut has reached the maximum numbers of builders, there should be an overflow amount of helps so that when he becomes free he automatically picks up the unused "helps" No matter where you are in the game a fellowship help to the builders does not overwhelm the help you...
  6. damon


    Has anyone had problems with buying diamonds? I have today lost 15 euro trying to buy diamonds, via SMS Support is looking in to the problem. Any one else had this problem. damon
  7. damon

    The Ronin

    We are looking for new active members to join our community. If you are a daily player and enjoy trading, then this is the place for you! We have very few rules. We only ask that you visit the FS members 5 days per week and offer only fair trades (2 or 3 stars) unless prearranged with another...