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  1. Wowwie

    So the event quest returns

    and now i have 6 days to do the last 8 quest to finish So changes were made in Live Worlds and the event changed and now limit us on the end to one quest a day and what if a quest take me 3 day s to finished Really Nicked me off doing all them quest to be shut down at the end ,, One...
  2. Wowwie

    Answered is this a bug?

    and on Beta there was 58 not including the the daily as i have a list that had 58 event quests and some what ever daily I did the quest on Beta and the game ended I received the then end of game I still had 8 quest to finish on en
  3. Wowwie

    Answered is this a bug?

    I never finished the quest i had 8 more to do not impressed they added feature it was not on the beta
  4. Wowwie

    Answered is this a bug?

    Event quest locked says I have to wait 4 hours win 10 chrome latest version html5
  5. Wowwie

    Discussion Summer Mermaids

    I had Horrid Quest line in beta and seems no improvement here on live either ,, I have beginners in my fellowship given quest they cant complete as well Overall few hours in not worth the effort
  6. Wowwie

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures with a twist!

    No tournaments well no kps no wonders no enchantments to help for badges
  7. Wowwie

    July 9th connection Errors

    @ Moderators Seems many players on social media are saying they are having connection Errors on Browser and on Mobile and cannot get logged in
  8. Wowwie

    Answered There was something about a 4th birthday

    ♫♪♪♫♫buon compleanno♫♪♪♫♫
  9. Wowwie

    Too much cross-tier trading

    Filters through trades all the time , mobile I only use for visits , I have unfortunately have clicked on or misclicked on bad trades but you do recover from and learn to click slower to avoid the mishap whether you have 100 cross trades or a 100 even trades there is no different especially with...
  10. Wowwie

    Why the large number of inactive players and fellowships?

    Agrees since 2015 I have had same neighbors who have not played a stitch in the game, and also have abandoned or not playing written on their cities they have not moved in the players movement or have they been removed
  11. Wowwie

    Too much cross-tier trading

    You are always getting players that will do as they please : the Trade gives a wide variety of options, \ taking those options away ruins the integrity of the trader, I prefer the trader as is ,someone some where must be taking the trades or else the players would not be placing them, Each...
  12. Wowwie

    Closed | Archived Inventory Glitch

    Thank you that was the problem i better read the news more often lol ty all :)
  13. Wowwie

    Closed | Archived Inventory Glitch

    windows 10 updated browser Chrome updated flash Clicking in the Inventory loads go to click summons and Elvenars news keep showing up
  14. Wowwie

    Answered is there a list of event building culture values

  15. Wowwie

    Why did it take me so long ?

    What took you so long to get to Forums :D Welcome!!
  16. Wowwie

    Update Discussion Version 1.79

    has had no problems
  17. Wowwie

    Change of the star rating of the trader

    The Trader is only as good and We the Players make it :)
  18. Wowwie

    Change of the star rating of the trader

    my cross dble bak cross trades is 1:4 100 for 400 reason I m out of t1 and only have t3 to trade with and its not a greedy trade 400 adds up really quick and it helps smaller cities as well gain t3 at a half decent amt, and does not deplete another's supply , totally make s for good trading...
  19. Wowwie

    Tournament type and difficulty

    Interesting I would Say Planks Silk Gems easiest Elixir marble steel crystal scrolls Dust its a toss up between scrolls and dust for the hardest
  20. Wowwie

    Discussion Evolution of the Phoenix

    117 Gain 18 Relics