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  1. Jimlun

    The Double Spiral Design

    Fair point. I only took what buildings they had at that given time and re-arranged them using my own guidelines. The main point was that they previously used up all squares, but the spiral design freed up some more usable areas. Quite similar to defragmenting your computer. In principle it...
  2. Jimlun

    Magnitude - Looking for your application

    Magnitude is a new fellowship that got a late start in this new, 1 week old, world. Magnitude is an established top 5 fellowship in this new world. We were ranked 3rd at the time that I last updated this post. It was created on May 23rd when 3 top players weren't entirely thrilled with the...
  3. Jimlun

    Ancient Wonders Turn off KP donations

    Just to clarify something (assuming I understand you correctly), I wanna point out that the developers wouldn't have to visit each player specifically and add a separate switch to each and every ancient wonder currently in existence. :confused: That would be crazy. :p
  4. Jimlun

    Spells Another spell

    I don't think they're useless. I use the KP one all the time, and the others can be good for a temporary boost now and then.
  5. Jimlun

    Hey hey hi... greetings to all...

  6. Jimlun

    Answered What makes this a game for women?

    You build the barracks, a training ground and later the mercenary camp where you can train troops using supplies as payment. No diamonds required.
  7. Jimlun

    Communication NH - There's a Missing Feature.

    I'm feeling strongly against the 20 votes rule. Popular ideas that have no chance with the devs, like "Rotate buildings pls" or other stuff that'd make the game easier, would get the votes easier, while perhaps more thought-through suggestions with real substance would whizz past the crowd...
  8. Jimlun

    Communication NH - There's a Missing Feature.

    Thanks so much for your contribution to this idea, king0r! :) Really shows how simple of an addition it could be - a relatively small project with a big positive effect and no real drawback. Any simple automated system would inevitably have some flaws – good ideas could get ignored and bad...
  9. Jimlun

    Elvenar real life world map

    Okay, I'll participate. Halmstad, Sweden Also, lowering the average age with my astounding 25 ;)
  10. Jimlun

    Communication NH - There's a Missing Feature.

    How does it work here, then?
  11. Jimlun

    The Double Spiral Design

    Sweet, glad to hear that you're pleased. ~~~~~ Played around a little with a highly ranked player's city today to see how many squares I'd be able to free up. Also did it because I realized I hadn't covered the transition from square to spiral in my guide. In this image you can see the...
  12. Jimlun

    The Double Spiral Design

    One example of how it can look in practice, in a 8x7 dwarven city: Granted, there's room for improvement here and there, but overall it's pretty space-efficient.
  13. Jimlun

    Closed | Archived Wrong Level Building (Visual)

    Game version: v1.25.3-(9cc3a0622) (2017-03-20 16:10) Game world: Winyandor Browser + version: Chrome, fairly new. Flash Player version: dunno, fairly new I reckon. Operating System: Win 10 Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Account name: Jimlun Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 2/5 (1/5 =...
  14. Jimlun

    Communication NH - There's a Missing Feature.

    If this is true, I hope it's been forwarded by now as it's been sitting on 20 yes votes for a while now.
  15. Jimlun

    World Map World Map Overview

    If you go into 20 or more provinces without being able to work it out from the pattern (the hexagons are fairly easy to trace), you do indeed need help, but not of the kind that InnoGames can provide. Entering one province and using it as a landmark should be enough. A bit of a tip: I've made...
  16. Jimlun

    City Mountain of Gold - New Culture Building

    Alternative name: Gold Mountain [Summary]: As we have introduced Dragons to our cities, I feel like this building would be a cool addition to the game; dragons love gold more than anything. I'm suggesting a big (but not too huge) culture "building" (5x4?) which is a big mountain of shiny gold...
  17. Jimlun

    World Map World Map Overview

    One way of quickly finding out which circle an unscouted province belongs to is to check the scouting price. The nearby ones are cheaper than the farther provinces.
  18. Jimlun

    Communication NH - There's a Missing Feature.

    Is that an official rule? Seems rather arbitrary.