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  1. Discussion Summer Event: March of the Herds

    Yes you can I can confirm :)
  2. Closed | Archived Mobile app - magic academy

    Have you the right relics to make the spell????
  3. Armories

    Don't forget @bookgirlnet you will need orcs in order to level up your builldings after orcs as well... One workshop upgrade needs 2500orcs plus coins and supplies
  4. Fellowship tournament rankings - Arendyll

    No @Timneh you are correct :)
  5. Discussion A Charming Tree

    They should contct support who will check it for them
  6. Answered Diamonds

    If you haven't received them then contact support... In game right click and it will list support click on that and explain to them and they will check for you :)
  7. Closed | Archived Been given an impossible quest that I cannot decline

    Don't we all do it near the start no worries :D
  8. Closed | Archived Been given an impossible quest that I cannot decline

    You research advanced scouts at the start of each chapter so you will shortly be starting a new one and that will be your first research :)
  9. Closed | Archived Cannot open the game on Google Chrome

    I use Chrome all the time without issue (as long as I regularly clear cache/cookies)
  10. position ot the map

    You got moved to a more active area it would seem :)
  11. Answered 'A Charming Tree' - new mini-Event!

    I'll stick with Crazy Wizard thanks http://crazywizard.info/en/event_a_charming_tree_2017.html
  12. Recruiting new members

    Hi I sent you a mail in game if you are interested ;)
  13. Greetings......

    Welcome Count De Beer:D
  14. Discussion New world: Felyndral

    You need to fully log out of the game and then you should get the the choice of the 3 worlds
  15. Update Discussion Version 1.30

    I ended up using CC Cleaner and got in on Chrome and FF
  16. Update Discussion Version 1.30

    Done and it still doesn't work and firefox isn't loading either
  17. Update Discussion Version 1.30

    Snap I can't get game to reload since maintainance either
  18. Answered Ticket response time

    I had the same problem and they resolved by the following morning
  19. New Player seeks fellowship

    Sent you an invite we have new and experienced players so you would be welcome to join us :)
  20. Answered A Couple of Questions about Trader and Training

    1) Trader You only see the trades of provinces you have completed (discovered) you will get more as you go further in the game... If you are in a fellowship you will also see all there trades 2) Units Training your troopss gets more of them ready to battle... If you do not train troops then you...