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  1. Irori

    Storytime - Tell us of your city

    (Story-time tell me a story of your city; here is mine...) The city of Enthes Enthes was founded by the Lunar clan, an ancient elven family who passed on it's city through generations; I am storyteller Sora & this... Is the story of Enthes the moving city. Enthes was built near an old cave...
  2. Irori

    Answered Question? Does the helping hand stack?

    My question is about the spell effect bellow called "Ensorcelled Endowment", what I'm wondering is; - Does the 5% stack; can more than one be active at a time? - Do the culture buildings need to have been "touched" by friends for them to work? The first one does not seem to work for me, so...
  3. Irori

    Introducing myself? O.o

    Greetings I am Irotheus otherwise known as Irori or called Iro for short... I've been playing elvenar for a little while now, It's fun but I rly wish the buildings were smaller or we had more space to build on; THAT would make it even more fun ;) Anyway I just thought I'd swing in and say...
  4. Irori

    Fellowship Lunarflame

    Greetings Lunarflame is a chill and slow pace fellowship, if you just want to play for fun when you can and don't mind a fellowship quest now and again our fellowship may just fit you just right. Current fellowship quest: 1000 points by the end of august 2017. Kind regards Archmage Irori