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  1. Gargon667

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    You are not going to get any official statement (to be honest why should they bother doing that, no matter what they say, be it good or bad, honest or BS, it will be ripped apart anyway, so no point wasting their time) but if you read through this thread here you´ll get a lot of possible...
  2. Gargon667

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    check out the thread in the suggestions section :)
  3. Gargon667

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    That is also true, it has been for a while now. Low effort low rewards, only the effort hasn´t changed much over the last few events, while rewards have been getting worse and worse. Now we are down to 10KP or 10 squads as the best daily prize in the event lol... What is it next time? 5?
  4. Gargon667

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    As long as you don´t compare it to any previous event that is...
  5. Gargon667

    Question AWOL Archmage!!

    Well as long as you suggested the one they were going to make AM anyway, then everybody is right :D
  6. Gargon667

    AW Teleport

    That is exactly the strategy I am talking about lol. About it being a consolation The consolation is that you can bring it back, when you want to have it again, be it because you are less interested in tourneys or maybe because the positive effect is or becomes again more important than the...
  7. Gargon667

    AW Teleport

    This is something the devs could do to at least alleviate the problem that many people have with the new tourney system. If AWs were made teleportable, people could teleport AWs instead of deleting them, which would cause a LOT less bad blood I am sure. It would also increase the value of the...
  8. Gargon667

    Other Panda bear

    It´s so long ago I looked into the birds and then shortly again last phoenix event. I remember I put the Storm as Top Choice behind the Firebird, so I am sure it is more useful than the duck in some way and that indicates the Duck only does regular goods, because the numbers on the duck are...
  9. Gargon667

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    only if you have a Bulwark, which I don´t :P btw definitely a candidate for deleting with the new tourneys if you have one now. Anyway indirectly everything is always connected to everything else.
  10. Gargon667

    Expired combat buildings

    If I don´t need the space to replace them with new ones, I keep them until I need the resources.
  11. Gargon667

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    I guess you skipped the word "useful" somewhere in there. There was a daily every day as always, the problem is they were all crap lol Or did you mean you gained fewer numbers of them? I don´t know can´t say that really for myself, probably I got them because I didn´t want any of them lol...
  12. Gargon667

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    No effect whatsoever on the brown bear. Squad size has nothing to do with training size. It is only an unfortunate similarity in name because of the word "size".
  13. Gargon667

    Other Panda bear

    I wouldn´t bet my life on it, but let´s say 90% sure?
  14. Gargon667

    Question Mercenary Camp

    That is definitely a good option. I am in chapter 16 and I produce 90% of my troops in the Merc Camp and 10% in my barracks. Remember to build the flying Academy a while before the Merc camp, it takes longer to level up. No troop producing building is worth having without the accompanying AW...
  15. Gargon667

    Events: New Evolving Building Ideas

    events could be more often "race" related, like this current event is clearly Sorcerers themed with both buildings looking like the chapte, and most daily prizes handing out mana. We should have an Orc event some time, with many buildings handing out Orcs and why not the suggested big Orc...
  16. Gargon667

    Other Panda bear

    The Stormbird is actually very powerful, but it is a specialised tool. Nothing can make you play through chapter 15 faster. It produces insane amounts of sentient goods. using time boosts on 3 h Sentient productions. But outside of chapter 15 nobody needs that many sentient goods, so unless you...
  17. Gargon667

    Question Removing Archmage

    If the 4 or 5 are actually a group, you can move to a different FS together. Just look around on elvenstats, find a FS that has 5 empty spaces or just like yourself has tons of inactive towns, talk to the AM there and I am rather certain they will be happy to make space for you. I guess there...
  18. Gargon667

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    thanks for clearing that up, now I am with you :) btw I think there are only 5 PoP in 10 chests, but that´s a minor issue, I think it more likely to do more provinces in round 1 than being in a 10 chest FS, but of course either works... I don´t play beta so all my gueses come from reading...
  19. Gargon667

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Like what?
  20. Gargon667

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    it´s the best daily prize in my eyes, if mana becomes a thing with the new tourneys. If you calculate the pop it gives in addition.