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  1. Paladestar

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    Guess the Elvengems people have never played Warcraft 3 or World of Warcraft, the 'house' is clearly a barracks!
  2. Paladestar

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Hey, no fair! I planned ahead and kept the required guest race goods for every SS research that I skipped! I demand to see others be punished for their shortsightedness! ;)
  3. Paladestar

    Magical Residencies

    Increasing the diamond cost from 1,400 to 2,000 was worse than making them a third larger. If you don't have space for them all just now, then use the Teleport Building enchants to put some in your inventory for later.
  4. Paladestar

    Ancient Wonders Change needed

    Maybe use the forum search next time? This comes up every couple of months from some misguided individual, such as yourself. You can try and argue the toss, but you won't win, in the end is always comes down to this... It's within a fellowship's power to make it impossible for KP hunters to...
  5. Paladestar

    Are workshops made out from orc parts?

    ... and the level 27 dust manufactory isn't lifting cartloads of dust out of the ground, look closer!...
  6. Paladestar

    Mercenary Camp

    Archers' biggest problem is their lack of defense to mages. They do not reduce the damage from mages at all, so while Archers can really hurt mages, they are also still vulnerable to mages. A full hit from a mage, with no damage reduction, hurts like hell and it hurts a lot more if one mage...
  7. Paladestar

    Answered Is it possible ?

    It also tells you your signup date in the newsletter/event emails etc. that we get from Inno, look near at the bottom of the email for this line:
  8. Paladestar

    Unit Production Bonus vs Training Speed

    Since they're different effects, the benefits multiply. A level 13 Simia on its own is a 20% increase troop production per time unit. A level 13 Needles, FA or VS on its own is a 50% increase. A level 13 Simia and a level 13 Needles is an 80% increase. A level 30 Simia on its own is a 40%...
  9. Paladestar

    Discussion Chapter 16 - Embassies

    You always keep any Settlement Resources that you have after you sell the 'portal' building, even the capped goods.
  10. Paladestar

    Closed | Contact Support Gaps between Union Street sections

    Yes, slackers! It also looks to me like each tile has the pattern of a junction piece? Maybe that's the problem, the junction pieces are incorrectly being used for all paths for the Union Street?
  11. Paladestar

    Closed | Contact Support Gaps between Union Street sections

    How/when/world not really applicable, it seems to be a bug in the implementation of the new street tiles within the game. I've added screenshots, you can see the previous tiles (the blue edged ones) join perfectly, but the new ones do not - there's a gap between every tile where you can see the...
  12. Paladestar

    Answered This game turned to crap

    The only time I ever had the game slow down, where requests could take up to 3 seconds to complete, was when I was still playing the Flash version of the game and the Flash cache was full. Clearing the Flash cache always fixed it, when it happened every few months.
  13. Paladestar

    Discussion The May Celebrations Event

    I could deal with the shuffleboard, if when finding the shuffle it just gave us the shuffle button and it was up to us when to click it. The prizes, however, are getting really pathetic!
  14. Paladestar

    Closed | Contact Support Gaps between Union Street sections

    The new Union Street tiles have gaps between them when placed.
  15. Paladestar

    Discussion The May Celebrations Event

    The animations are indeed tiresome. Thankfully however, all good web browsers come with a set of dev. tools built-in and these can be used to streamline the process of spending all of the pink thingys...
  16. Paladestar

    Update Discussion version 1.105

    265K Orcs for each level 31 upgrade... Inno are really taking the mickey with Orcs these last few chapters too. Orc requirements are getting crazy high for just about everything, yet with each new chapter Orc production per 12 hours only goes up by 100 Orcs per armoury upgrade (1,600 per 12...
  17. Paladestar

    Discussion The May Celebrations Event

    Just reading some patch notes from the last time we had the shuffle board. "All 3x Relics rewards have been changed into Knowledge Points, Ancient Knowledge Instants, or Time Reduction Instants." So at Christmas the 3x relic reward was deemed to be so bad it was replaced. Now with this event...
  18. Paladestar

    Ancient Wonder chests raids

    How then would you suggest that I fulfill my ambition to eventually get every AW to its maximum level? It's hunting or being a cheat and creating multiple alternate cities on the same realm to push KP to my main city (against the rules, but so many top ranked players do it and never get banned...
  19. Paladestar

    Ancient Wonder chests raids

    That wasn't sarcasm. That was taking what you were saying and translating it to a real-world situation to try and help you see how ridiculous your position is! If you choose not to avail yourself of the myriad options available to fix this 'problem' yourself, then you are responsible for the...
  20. Paladestar

    Ancient Wonder chests raids

    "My front door has a lock, but I find it inconvenient to lock my door, so I don't use it. I'm fed up of people letting themselves into my house and stealing my stuff, when will the police do something about this!?" It shouldn't have to be my problem, why do I pay my taxes!?"