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  1. Vergs

    Returning Player

    Hi all, Experienced player here. Started playing Elvenar pretty much from day 1. Got all the way to Orcs chapter on Arendyll, but stopped playing over there. I wanted to try out elves and created another city on Felyndral, but couldn't play that regularly. Lately I'm missing the game and would...
  2. Vergs

    Neighbors NH - Display Goods Right Away

    [Summary]: When visiting neighbours, display the The Great Bell Spire/Crystal Lighthouse bonus goods instead of an empty box. [Details]: When giving neighbourly help the bonus goods are displayed as an empty box. My suggestion is to replace the box icon with the acquired goods icon. The box...
  3. Vergs

    Closed | Archived Graphical issue when building/upgrading The Great Bell Spire

    Game version: __ 0.31.2735-v0.31.1-(master) (2015-12-17 10:42) Game world: __ Arendyll Browser + version: __ Safari 9.0.2 (9537. Flash Player version: __ Operating System: __ OS X 10.9.5 Screen resolution: __ 1280 x 800 Account name: __ Vergs Humans or Elves: __ Humans...
  4. Vergs

    Conquering Traders looking for fellows

    We are a group of active and friendly players, who seek new members to join our fellowship. Oh well, actually we are deserters who left our previous fellowship, but what can you do when your archmage becomes inactive :p We encourage to apply newer players, since most of our fellows are quite new...
  5. Vergs

    Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to say hi to all of you Elvenar players :) I also would like to introduce myself. I started playing this game 4-5 days ago and I am enjoying it very much. This is my first experience playing a game of this type and so far it's only positive. I mostly like games involving trading...