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  1. TeeJay1

    The Elite Warriors

  2. TeeJay1

    Opportunity - The Elite Warriors

    High ranked Fellowship has a rare opportunity for a new member. We are looking for you if - You are a committed tourney player (helps if you enjoy them) ! You want to be part of an evolving yet already successful Fellowship You like Adventures You can be bothered to give Neighbourly Help You...
  3. TeeJay1

    Considering Options :)

    Hi, Due to changes and departures I am looking at all options moving forward. I've been on the site as a noob for a little under a year, I'm an active visitor, participate in Adventures, am trying to set a minimum standard of 2k in each tourney. Boosts are planks, silks and gems though with the...
  4. TeeJay1

    Looking for a Fellowship

    Hi, New (1 week or so), inexperienced, looking for a Fellowship that can provide advice and help which, hopefully I can eventually reciprocate. Active member (thus far), ex KoC Top Alliance VC (Archmage here I think) but could do without the drama ! ;) UK based. Thanks and regards