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  1. Vetrinus

    Unfair advertising via misleading omissions and imposed limitation of time

    What does that big golden badge with "20%" written on it mean? 20% off one would assume... but 20% off of what exactly? Has there ever been a set price for time boosts? See, the %s off in diamond purchases are legit, because diamonds have a fixed price and they're always available for purchase -...
  2. Vetrinus

    Closed | Contact Support Dwarven Armorer does nothing

    As per subject, I popped a couple of Dwarven Armorers and they seem to do nothing. In the tooltip and health pool heart thingy, only the bonus from the MM is calculated. As opposed to this, the Fire Phoenix damage buff displays correctly. I tried logging out, logging back in, clearing the...
  3. Vetrinus

    Battle +50% damage buildings for all unit types

    This has probably been suggested already, but I had no luck with the search function and I've often wondered why is it that we get to craft those +50% unit damage buildings for Light Ranged and Mage units only. I for one would love to occasionally boost the power of my other unit types. Besides...
  4. Vetrinus

    Active veteran player just started on Arendyll

    As per subject. My boosts are Marble, Silk and Gems. My main city's elvenstats link is https://www.elvenstats.com/player/en2/264546 What I'm looking for: An active, tournament-oriented but at the same time relaxed and drama-free fellowship. Doesn't matter whether it's entirely made from new...
  5. Vetrinus

    Other Suggestion: do not make anniversary gifts feel like a punishment.

    I have to say, the anniversary gift felt like a punishment to me, and presumably also to anyone who made the "mistake" of not logging in their main world today, since you can only claim one unicorn per account, you're not given any choice on the matter, and it came as a surprise. In my case...
  6. Vetrinus

    Alt town from active player looking for Tourney/FA oriented FS

    Hey everyone, I'm gonna post this here, sit back, patiently wait and see what comes of it, with no rush at all. Just one thing to keep in mind: I play as an alt town on server 3. My main's on server 2. This comes with the following: Pros: 1) I'll be able to provide daily visits to the entire FS...
  7. Vetrinus

    Questions about multiple accounts in the same game world.

    Hello, As per subject, I'd like to know if and how one can play on the same world with two different accounts (one human, one elven). I found a topic with an answer from a moderator saying it was allowed, but this was in 2015 (...
  8. Vetrinus

    New player looking for a fellowship [Steel - Scrolls - Dust] [details inside]

    Hello everyone! :) As per subject, I started playing about 48 hours ago but I'm hooked already & in need for a Fellowship :) What can I offer: * Dedication & politeness; * Daily online time (the advantage of working with a computer, though getting on the chat could prove tricky for that very...