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  1. Looking for Active Trading-Tournament FS

    Merlin's Menagerie is currently recruiting. We are looking for Active members. We chat all the time, and do well in the Fellowship Adventures. We have not yet achieved all 5 chests in the tournament but we are working on it and would love your help.
  2. Boanns Adventurers recruiting.

    Looking for an upwardly mobile Fellowship? We need your help. Chat is a very important part of our playing and we do try to be democratic. Give us a try. Boann
  3. Fellowships

    Yes I see your point. I felt like that when I first started playing.. Then I join ed a Fellowship more out of curiosity than anything else and now I am really in favour of being in a fellowship. There is so much of the game you miss as a solo player.
  4. Fellowships

    Just wondering why it is so hard to recruit members to join fellowships. There are so many people not in fellowships and yet so hard to fill spaces. The benefits of a Fellowship are published so everyone must know them and yet still seem reluctant to join. Does anyone have any idea about the...
  5. Newbie but wishing to join a FS

    Hello, if you have not yet found a Fellowship please come to Merlin's Menagerie. We are very friendly, love to chat and our experienced players always have time to help a newbie. We take part in tournaments and Adventures but we realise there is a real world out there that has to be taken...
  6. Recruiting. Merlin's Menagerie

    If you are looking for an active, very friendly and competitive group. Look no further. Join Merlin's Menagerie. We take part in the tournament's and Adventures and for our small size do well. We finished two paths in the last adventure and with more players I feel sure we could finish path...
  7. Small Fellowship Merlin's Menagerie

    We are a small fellowship at the moment, but would like to expand to our full potential. We are very active and our players are mostly experienced in all aspects of the game. We would welcome players of all levels, and are very willing to accept completely new players. Help is always available.
  8. Answered My Friend is not appearing in listings.

    My Friend who joined as Yellowknife and is completely new to this game would like to join the Fellowship that I am in, which is recruiting. I have looked for her in the rankings to send her an invitation but it says player not found. What am I doing wrong please.
  9. Merlin's Menagerie recruiting.

    Merlin's Menagerie nèeds Active players. A player with Magic Dust as a Tier 3 Boosted product would be especially welcome.

    Seeking active members willing to create a vibrant Fellowship taking part in tournaments, quests and Fellowship Adventures. A friendly Fellowship with lots of chat and help. Please apply.
  11. Answered How to send a message to a member.

    How can I ask a member a question. I am trying to contact Winter1760 who was the Archmage of my disappeared fellowship.
  12. Answered Fellowship Disappeared

    I can't believe the Archmage would do that. We were talking yesterday. Yes I am in the right world. Very puzzled.
  13. Answered Fellowship Disappeared

    This morning I was a member of the Fellowship Merlins Menagerie. Then next time I logged on the Fellowship had disappeared. I have checked right through the ranking list and it is no longer listed. We had 22 members so there must be others wondering what has happened. How do I find out what...
  14. Closed | Contact Support POPULATION

    I had a population of over 200, was saving for an upgrade. Suddenly I have minus 74, without doing anything. How does that happen please.
  15. Closed | Archived Culture points.

    All my Culture points have disappeared. Also when I buy something e.g. Ornate Street, my points are not appearing has anyo e else had this problem.
  16. Answered Ancient Wonders

    Have just uninstalled the game and reinstalled. Definitely the Elvenar app. Ancient Wonders still locked.
  17. Answered Ancient Wonders

    I am using the Elvenar app. I don't think I can use the Apple app on an Android system.
  18. Answered Ancient Wonders

    My Ancient Wonders have become locked technology, when they were open yesterday and I was putting runes into them.
  19. Answered Neighbourly help

    Why so I sometimes get coins and tools in neighbourly help and sometimes just coins,