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  1. elfin71

    Asking for experienced players to contribute to our new fighting strategy document

    As said above we are looking for experienced fighters to contribute to our new fighting strategy and asking for contributions and suggestions ty https://www.facebook.com/notes/elvenar-platinum-leaf-community/the-new-battle-system/1796393020638813
  2. elfin71

    Bannercy ** Recruiting**

    Hello All, Bannercy is currently recruiting one new member to join our friendly fast moving fellowship, rank 47. Trades took instantly, we do not tell you how to build your city but will give advice as and when needed. All we ask is that you are daily player and visitor to help our other...
  3. elfin71

    Hollowcry **recruiting**

    :) Hi All :) Hollowcry in Arendyll is recruiting one new member. We are a fast moving fellowship, looking for a daily player who is active and will visit members. Trades took almost instantly to help you move through the research map etc. Advice given when needed. Someone is alway's there...
  4. elfin71

    Closed | Archived Facebook Login

    Hi could you please tell me when the logging in through facebook issue will be fixed, there's numerous comments about this on the elvenar page on facebook and nobody seems to be getting an answer. Everyone who tries to log in through facebook is getting internal server error. I run a fellowship...
  5. elfin71

    Bannercry recruiting

    We are currently looking for 3 new members in Bannercry, all we ask is that you are a daily player and help with visits trades etc, (rank 67), friendly fellowship all members help each other out
  6. elfin71

    Looking for new members in Winyandor

    Hi all looking for regular daily players to join our fellowship Bannercry in Winyandor, daily visits and help with all trades
  7. elfin71

    Closed | Archived Trades missing

    Trades going missing..... I have traded with someone in a fellowship and they haven't received the goods..... this has happened to a couple of players tonight??????