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  1. Tree

    Remove unnecessary badge quests once in the pit

    I realise this post is likely to fall on deaf ears (since we still don't have the option to reset a FA quest after finishing it, which was requested a long time ago) but it would be nice for all the unnecessary quests to disappear once you reach the pit in a Fellowship Adventure. Only 9 badges...
  2. Tree

    Answered Conversation Error Message

    The Tale of Robert Redbeard']At the request of the amazing and hard-working Moderator Dizzy Lizzie[/URL], I was advised to engage in an "exchange of views via private message," (conversation). However, when I tried to follow this advice, I received this error message: The error message...
  3. Tree

    Answered When will we be able to use blueprints on event buildings?

    In the last Q+A session it was mentioned that blueprints would be usable on event buildings. Is there an ETA for this feature? I have 9 blueprints already and would like to use them one day.
  4. Tree

    Answered Alternate accounts donating KPs to Ancient Wonders

    I have recently started reporting players (through opening tickets) who I have suspected of donating Knowledge Points from an alternate account to the Ancient Wonder on another account. I did this on the basis that I thought this was classed as cheating. After contacting support a second time...
  5. Tree

    Children of the Forest - Looking for tournament enthusiasts!

    Greetings all! Children of the Forest, currently ranked in the top 10, are looking for players of all boost types who are highly competitive in all tournaments. We might not have the highest rank but our tournament performance is on par with the best fellowships on our server. Our greatest...