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  1. Looking for an active fellowship

    Hi, i would like to join an active fun fellowship, my boosted gear is marble-silk-gems i am on every day, i visit fellows and my local neighbors, free coin and supplies. Thanks in advance :-) hope to see you soon..
  2. Blue Bandits (space)

    The Blue Bandits We Are a well established Fellowship and have the following spaces to be filled We Would like 2x Planks / Silk / Magic Dust 1 x Steel / Crystal / Elixir We would prefer that your score is over 2500 (but if you're close enough, you have a chance) We Are a fellowship who...
  3. Closed | Contact Support bug report

    no sound
  4. New Fellows Required

    Looking for active players, help fellows first for trade (no fee), visit fellows and help each other every day also be active in tournaments. Helping each other with KP, if your starting to research wonders just inform fellows that you need KP. Most of all have fun!! If you want to join, shoot...
  5. Active Fellowship

    Hi, FantasticErgo here and I'd love to join an active Fellowship. I am on every day and visit all our other fellows everyday, boosted goods are marble, silk, and Gems. Looking forward hearing from you Thanks in advance! Peace out!
  6. Answered fellowship

    Thank you for all the information, i managed to disband my fellowship, thank you all, your help was gratefully received :cool:
  7. Answered fellowship

    hello , I couldn't get into a fellowship but i don't want a 1 man fellowship, how to disband the fellowship so i can join one. Thank you in advance

  9. Hello Everyone

    HI, my nick name is Ped and screen name is FantasticErgo, I come from Govan, which is situated in Glasgow UK. I am really enjoying this game,however there was hardly anyone on chat so i left and made my own fellowship, also struggling a bit with the game ,i will figure it out I am glad to meet...