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  1. PhorLaughs

    Closed | Archived [8428] D.Bulwark Training Bonus Not Being Applied.

    Game version: __ v1.0.10 - (8d01b7a)(2016-03-03 9:26) Game world: __ Arendyll Browser + version: __ Firefox 44.0.2 Flash Player version: Adobe Flash Player Operating System: Windows Vista Screen resolution: 1360x768 pixels Account name: PhorLaughs Humans or Elves: Human...
  2. PhorLaughs

    Answered Enemy Necros - I loath them

    Any thoughts on killing Necromancers? I play humans and not sure if that is important because I have not looked at Elf units in wiki to see if they are better or not. Anyways, I have not found a winning strategy for the necromancers. I can take out most all of the units well enough, but that...
  3. PhorLaughs

    Closed | Archived [5533] Options Gear doesn't move properly when resizing.

    Game version: __ Elvenar 0.18.14075-d9ced9b-(master) (2015-06-16 9:30) Game world: __Arendyll Browser + version: __ Firefox 38.0.6 Flash Player version: __ 17,0,0,188 Operating System: __Windows Vista Home Premium (ya I know) Screen resolution: __ 1360 by 768 pixels Account name: __ PhorLaughs...
  4. PhorLaughs

    Answered Bug or Game Mechanics: Selling Simple Trails

    First off I want to say how much awesome fun I am having with this game. :) Anyways, like the title suggests, not sure if this is a bug or just how the game is. Was looking at the selling option to see what kind of return you get. Tried it on the Simple Trail and it disappeared like deleting...