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  1. TheokGrundor

    New Game Features I want to buy KP with Sentient Goods

    [Summary]: Add the ability to purchase KP or AW packs with T4&5 goods. [Have you checked for similar ideas?]: Looked over all open suggestions and several pages of the archives going back past February when T4 was added. Did not see anything resembling this. [Details]: I suggest a system...
  2. TheokGrundor

    User Interface Fellowship Adventure Inventory

    [Summary]: Show how many Total items are held by the Fellowship in the Inventory Window [Have you checked for similar ideas?]: Yes, this is a new game feature and I haven't seen anything for this yet. [Details]: Currently we have an inventory window showing us how many adventure items we...
  3. TheokGrundor

    Answered No Event Building Upgrades

    I couldn't find anything for this on the forums. Which is unsurprising since it can't actually be a problem yet. So the way the game works is that as a city continues to develop and players get access to new culture buildings, the older ones that are less efficient get demolished to make room...