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  1. Discussion The May Celebrations Event

    scratch card event again. shoot myself now shall i? perhaps INNO can have an opt out button for events. I would actually be happier if i didn't have to deal with it at all
  2. Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    can anyone tell me if we still need levelled up T1 and workshops? or is it shanty town time again?
  3. no news

    How about when there is no news they post a joke in the news section or some little ditty about evener like a local newspaper?
  4. Discussion Winter Magic

    it might make this new lotto/scratch card style event more worth the effort if other than just total crap behind the boxes there was perhaps some older set buildings so you can have a chance to upgrade them or collect the missing ones from your beloved sets! I mean these days when you have an...
  5. Discussion Winter Magic

    if i wanted to play scratch cards i would have gone to the shop and bought some!
  6. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    i have to put my two penny worth in here. this event has for me been a flat squib. i have two very small cities i recently started and the even has been so slow one city has only gained 2 bear tokens. that makes placing a bear a total waste of space. my first city in S and D has had to only go...
  7. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    scout a province scout a province scout a province scout a province and repeat Think your in Evener? Think again for this is the twilight zone! Do do do do - do do do do